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Connector Options

Connector Options

Your custom keypad will also need a connector system, as it's responsible for attaching the switches' sensors to the circuit board. As with circuit materials, subpar connectors will result in unreliable switches.

Depending on your custom keypad, you could incorporate any of the following five connector options:


Bare Tail

These interface to .100" center zero insertion force (ZIF) or low insertion force (LIF) style connectors.


Latching Female Connector

These interface to .100" center latching headers.


Latching Male Connector

These interface to .100" center latching headers


Plain Male Connector

These interface to .100" center female headers


Plain Female Connector

These interface to .100" center and .025" square-posted headers.

Solder Tabs

A PCB can also use standard header connectors that are soldered right to the board or cable assemblies.

For example, one very common approach is to utilize a 1 mm pitch ZIF connector right on the back of a rigid board and then use the same connector on the mating board. The keypad and main board can also be connected through a 1 mm jumper cable.

You can also use a ZIF connector on the mating PCB and forego the standard supply with a connector. Typically, the pitch of conductors would be either .039" (1mm), .049", or .100".

Talk to an Expert About Tactile and Non-Tactile Switches

Choosing between a tactile and non-tactile switch for your company’s equipment is an important decision. It will have a huge impact on how intuitive operators find your machines.

Of course, even after you decide on tactile or non-tactile, you still have a lot of other decisions to make in order to ensure your switches work as effectively as possible.

So, don’t take any chances. Our team of designers and engineers has experience in a number of different industries. They’ll take the time to understand exactly what your unique machines need before they make their recommendations based on what else they know about your field.

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