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Embossing Options

Embossing Options

Some manufacturers prefer that their switches have unique looks, which is one reason to opt for embossing. This is when certain parts of the graphic overlay are raised.

The two most common embossing options are:






This is when the full key is raised. A round or rectangular embossed shape can be used to match the underlying key perfectly.

When only the rim of the switch is embossed, the perimeter is raised but nothing else. We recommend a rim width of at least .05" for this option and a height of no more than 1.5-2 times the overlay material's thickness. A corner radius of at least 0.031" is also recommended with spacing between the emboss features of at least .125".

Aside from how great these two options look, they also come with the lowest tooling costs, which is one more reason they're so popular.

If you are looking to emboss nontactile membrane switches, another very popular option is a dome emboss. They will offer palpable feedback, even for a nontactile switch. This makes them easier for a user to locate through touch without necessarily having to look down every time they want to push the switch.

Talk to an Expert About Tactile and Non-Tactile Switches

Choosing between a tactile and non-tactile switch for your company’s equipment is an important decision. It will have a huge impact on how intuitive operators find your machines.

Of course, even after you decide on tactile or non-tactile, you still have a lot of other decisions to make in order to ensure your switches work as effectively as possible.

So, don’t take any chances. Our team of designers and engineers has experience in a number of different industries. They’ll take the time to understand exactly what your unique machines need before they make their recommendations based on what else they know about your field.

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