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Actuation Force

Actuation Force

Actuation force is simply how much pressure the operator has to use in order to activate the switch.

Technically, almost any amount of actuation force is possible. However, the vast majority of our clients choose one of three different settings:

Light Actuation Force (3 - 6 ounces)

This is a good amount for buttons that will need to be clicked repeatedly or even in rapid succession (e.g. data entry).

Medium Actuation Force (10 - 14 ounces)

This is the most common range as it's perfect for test equipment, medical devices, etc.

Heavy Actuation Force (16 - 20 ounces)

If the operator will often be wearing protective gloves (i.e. in a manufacturing plant), this is a great choice as it ensures that pressing the switch was deliberate.

As you can see, though the actuation force your switches require may not seem overly important, it's actually essential to supporting the type of operation your equipment will see.

Talk to an Expert About Tactile and Non-Tactile Switches

Choosing between a tactile and non-tactile switch for your company’s equipment is an important decision. It will have a huge impact on how intuitive operators find your machines.

Of course, even after you decide on tactile or non-tactile, you still have a lot of other decisions to make in order to ensure your switches work as effectively as possible.

So, don’t take any chances. Our team of designers and engineers has experience in a number of different industries. They’ll take the time to understand exactly what your unique machines need before they make their recommendations based on what else they know about your field.

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