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This multi-faceted industry uses a wide variety of overlays and nameplates, such as instructional and warning labels, aviation tags, schematics, Lexan labels, and specially designed dials and instrumentation.

  • Commercial seat placards
  • Aircraft ID Plates
  • Audio/Video equipment overlays
  • Military equipment labeling compliance including MIL-STD-130


The medical device industry requires nameplates, labels and overlays to communicate the proper usage of equipment, tools and substances. They also need instructional and warning labels, UID nameplates and barcodes, model and serial number nameplates and overlays for their state-of the-art diagnostic and therapeutic devices. Medical device companies also use chemical resistant labels, in addition to inventory tags, custom dials and scales and other types of tags.

  • ISO 13485 Medical Devices Certification
  • Graphic Overlays for Medical Equipment and Devices


Companies such as bus fleets, rapid transit and commuter rail, railroad car and accessory manufacturers, airport gate and ground transport equipment manufacturers, and luxury motor coach suppliers require heavy-duty nameplates that can stand up to harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperatures, as well as UV exposure. They need serial numbers, ADA and Braille signage, rail placards, barcode asset tags, warning labels and signs, required DOT/VIN markings and interior/exterior signs and labels to keep workers and customers informed.

  • Vehicle ID labels – Aluminum and Metal Photo with permanent adhesive/screw holes
  • Dashboard overlays



Food Service

Whether it’s a catering company that needs property tags for their equipment that’s used in client facilities, or identification and safety labels for a school cafeteria, food service organizations require nameplates and labels to keep track of supplies and equipment, and to keep workers well-informed and safe.

  • Industrial kitchen appliance custom labels, graphic overlays, and membrane switches
  • Refrigeration control panels
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