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High-Quality Custom Graphic Overlays

Looking to improve your device's user interface? Need to add a protective layer to your equipment?

A high-quality graphic overlay may be your answer!

Graphic overlays can be found in every area of our daily lives, from manufacturing, telecommunications, and the military, to agriculture, food service, and consumer goods. But when they are designed and manufactured poorly, they aren't much help.

Our expert manufacturers at Hallmark Nameplate have over 60 years of graphic overlay printing experience. We will work with your team to custom design and manufacture the best graphic overlay prints to perfectly suit your needs.

a detailed graphic overlay panel

Windows with Transparent Ink

Key Embossing

Material Cutouts

Transparent Windows for LEDs

Demonstration of a Use for Graphic Overlays

Work With a Superior Graphic Overlay Manufacturer

At Hallmark Nameplate, we manufacture long-lasting, high-quality custom graphic overlays that stand up to any environment.

But what makes us stand out from other manufacturers is that we do most of the hidden heavy lifting upfront before we even go into production. This allows us to deliver results fast.

Don't worry, our team going above and beyond won't affect your prices. With our many years of experience, we have been able to refine our process and create strong relationships with suppliers so we can offer our clients competitive pricing.

Short Lead Times

Enhanced Design

Lower Costs

Improved Quality

The Purpose of a Graphic Overlay (aka Panel Overlay)

A graphic overlay, also known as a panel overlay, is a vital printed interface on mechanical and electronic assemblies that allows the user to interact seamlessly with the device, machine, or equipment.

The top layer, which visually represents the device's user interface panel, is the first thing the operator sees. By having an easily understandable and visible graphic overlay, it makes it simpler for the user to know what actions to take.

Overlay labels are an important part of many devices, as they help provide users with information about the product, how to use it, and any safety warnings that may be necessary. This functional and user-friendly interface is crucial in helping to define the overall user experience.


Graphic Overlays for Every Environment

Another important function of a graphic overlay is to keep moisture, dust, and debris from harming the electrical components inside.

Graphic overlay printing labels are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Our designs can withstand indoor hazards such as cleaning solutions and chemical exposure, and outdoor challenges like extreme temperatures and UV exposure.

They are made to accommodate objects of any shape or size and are found in nearly every industry, from manufacturing sectors and the military to consumer equipment, devices, and tools.

Our Proven Graphic Overlay Process

First, you will meet with one of our engineers and designers to discuss your application and project needs.

Then, you send over artwork or design ideas so our engineering team can develop a fair quote.

The next step is the purchase order (PO) where we lay out expectations and confirm the purchase.

At the end of the day, our goal is to exceed your expectations, so we will send over a mock-up to make sure we are on the right track.

Then, our highly skilled team will begin manufacturing your graphic overlay to your precise specifications. Finally, we carefully deliver the final product as soon as possible.


Graphic Overlay Manufacturing

Getting overwhelmed by all of the decisions? Don't worry our team will walk you through the entire process and provide guidance to help you custom design and manufacture the best graphic overlay for your project.

  • 1


    The two most common materials are polyester and polycarbonate. Polyester is more durable, while polycarbonate is more workable.

  • 2

    Custom Fabrication

    We have cutting-edge fiber optic technology that can custom fabricate intricate designs for any material or thickness.

  • 3

    Color Management

    We have a full color lab to allow us to perfectly match colors to fit your branding needs. We have the latest digital and screen printing technology to create sharp and clear images.

  • 4


    Adding embossing to your overlay allows you to create a more tactile user experience. Choose between rim, standard pad, or dome embossing.

  • 5

    Windows & Cutouts

    We can manufacture graphic overlays with screw holes, cutouts, or windows (transparent areas without ink).

  • 6


    We use 3M-certified adhesives (or whichever adhesive you'd prefer) to ensure your graphic overlay can stand the test of time.

  • 7


    Determine if you want external lighting or backlighting if you plan on creating a dead front panel. Choose if you'd prefer LED, EL, or Fiber Optic backlighting.

  • 8


    Select between a velvet or gloss finish. While the gloss creates a reflective surface, velvet is perfect for protecting your plastic materials.

  • 9


    We perform rigorous testing to make sure your graphic overlay meets all requirements and standards and will work for you every time.

Popular Uses for Graphic Overlays

Some of the most common uses of overlays are equipment control panels, heart monitors, refrigerators, ATMs, vehicle dashboards, ultrasound scanners, microwaves, commercial ovens, coffee makers, gas pumps, CPAP machines, exercise equipment, and gaming consoles.

They're used on printers, copiers, and other business machines. Graphic overlays are found in critical military environments, such as the computer screens of tanks and tactical vehicles, helicopters, and aircraft.



This multi-faceted industry uses a wide variety of overlays and nameplates, such as instructional and warning labels, aviation tags, schematics, Lexan labels, and specially designed dials and instrumentation.



Equipment overlays for agriculture must withstand the most challenging environmental conditions and be extremely rugged. They must also provide clear product information, instructions and safety warnings to prevent serious injury.



Because construction equipment is engaged in hard labor out in the field, graphic overlays, which may include important operating and safety instructions, must be protective as well as informative. Graphic overlays for construction are designed to resist abrasion, moisture, UV and extreme temperatures.

Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Whether it’s a refrigerator, a lawn mower or a game console, consumer products take a lot of abuse. Consumers must be able to clearly read model numbers, serial numbers, on-board instructions and safety information, even when the equipment is many years old. This requires overlay material to be extremely durable and long-lasting.



Fitness equipment, especially when it’s used at a high-traffic gym or fitness center, sees a lot of abuse and nearly constant use. Overlays used for fitness equipment must be able to stand up to heavy use as well as harsh cleaning solutions. The information conveyed on fitness machine overlays is essential for user safety and to minimize facility liability, so the user interface must be straightforward and easy to understand, with sharp graphics. Overlays for fitness equipment are designed to resist moisture, scuffing and chemical corrosion.

Food Service

Food Service

Whether it’s a catering company that needs property tags for their equipment that’s used in client facilities, or identification and safety labels for a school cafeteria, food service organizations require nameplates and labels to keep track of supplies and equipment, and to keep workers well-informed and safe.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Manufacturing and Industrial

Graphic overlays used on equipment for industry must be “industry grade,” ready to handle heavy daily use and harsh chemical environments. As heavy machinery can pose a potential workplace risk and increased liability for organizations, interfaces must be robust and easy to read, as well as intuitive. This involves a smart design and high-quality graphics that remain sharp over years of abuse.



Graphic overlays used on equipment for industry must be “industry grade,” ready to handle heavy daily use and harsh chemical environments. As heavy machinery can pose a potential workplace risk and increased liability for organizations, interfaces must be robust and easy to read, as well as intuitive. This involves a smart design and high-quality graphics that remain sharp over years of abuse.

Medical and Dental

Medical and Dental

The medical device industry requires nameplates, labels and overlays to communicate the proper usage of equipment, tools and substances. They also need instructional and warning labels, UID nameplates and barcodes, model and serial number nameplates and overlays for their state-of the-art diagnostic and therapeutic devices.



Any equipment used by the military must meet their strict specifications, and graphic overlays for military equipment is no exception. These overlays for sensitive, mission-critical equipment must be protective, heavy duty and have a crisply designed, easy-to-use interface.

Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories

Scientific research requires absolute precision and strict adherence to safety regulations. Therefore, much like for medical facilities, graphic overlays for equipment used in research labs must convey instructions and safety warnings in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. These must help to protect sensitive equipment from chemical exposure and be impervious to such harsh substances for long life.



An important requirement of overlays for retail equipment is that there will likely be many employees who must understand operating instructions and safety warnings. Therefore, long-term durability and clear graphics are essential.



There are many overlays used in the transportation industry, from automobile dashboards and gas station pumps to control panels for mass transit trains and buses. As with any equipment that experiences heavy use and must relay important operating instructions in a clear manner, transportation overlays must be made to resist wear and tear in addition to harsh chemicals and other environmental hazards such as UV and extreme temperatures.



The Hallmark Difference

At Hallmark Nameplate, we have more than 50 years of experience designing custom graphic overlays that meet the unique needs and requirements of your industry and your application. Our team of experts will recommend the best materials and design that is most appropriate to the equipment or device, usage factors, and environment.

Contact us for more information and a free quote.


We have compiled a variety of our most versatile graphic overlay prints and unique samples that you can feel and interact with, free of charge. See first-hand the quality, function, and durability of our graphic overlays.

Request a graphic overlay sample box today!

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