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Why Our Inspection Process is Crucial

Inspection Process

A stringent inspection process is very important for any company that manufactures any sort of electronic devices. However, a strict inspection routine is even more important for a company that manufactures electronics. This is because the slightest error in the construction of an electronic device can lead it to be completely inoperable. Small companies that do not mass-produce their electronics have to even be even more vigilant about looking for errors. This is why we have instituted a very thorough inspection process. To learn more about our inspection process and why inspecting these items is so critical, read on.

What Our Inspection Process is Like

There are three main parts to the inspection process. Of course, our trained engineers will do a visual inspection when the item is almost ready to be shipped out. However, this is far from the only level of scrutiny that we subject your items to. We also do auto-optical inspections and x-ray inspections. Auto-optical inspections involve a computer with a camera scanning the item as it’s being made and looking for any defects. X-Ray inspection is fairly self-explanatory. The item goes through an x-ray machine, which automatically tests for any defects that may have gone undetected up to that point.

Our Inspection Process Compared To a Lax Inspection Process

Many small manufacturers have relatively lax inspection processes. Nearly all of them will at least do a visual inspection. However, this is not enough if they want to reduce the incidences of defects by as much as possible. A company that does not perform either x-ray or auto-optical inspections will inevitably have many more defects in their products then one that does.

The Dangers of Not Having an Inspection Process at All

There are a few less than reputable manufacturers that do not have an inspection process at all. This is more common in countries such as China and Vietnam that are known for producing very cheap electronics. The practice is rare in the United States, but it has been known to happen. Companies may be tempted to do this because it will save on man-hours, which translates into less cost for the company. However, companies that don’t have a proper inspection process will have much higher rates of defects in their products. Many consumers feel the lower prices are not worth it.

Benefits of Having a Stringent Inspection Process

One obvious benefit of having a strict inspection process is a lower rate of errors. However, this is not the only benefit of having a strict inspection process. One underrated benefit of having such good motivation for producing items properly is the Improvement in company culture. Having a stringent inspection process encourages employees to be careful and painstaking in their work. It lets employees know that quality is more important than speed in the company’s operations. Studies have shown that corporate culture is very important in the quality of the products that the company puts out.

Training Employees to Inspect Items

Of course, employees must be trained to inspect the items properly. They have to be carefully trained in visual inspections, auto-optical inspections, and x-ray inspections. The employees that make it through this training that are assigned to the inspection process are well prepared to ensure the quality of every single item that we put out. We take pride in having highly trained and experienced employees. This results in higher quality products, as well as more knowledgeable customer service to everyone that we work with.

How to Learn More About Our Inspections

If you are interested in having us produce a device for you, you can contact us and we can give you more detail about our inspection process and the rest of our operations. We have a team of highly-trained and experienced engineers that’ll be happy to speak with you and explain how our process works. If you have any questions about the options you want to go with regarding your device, you can give our experts the details of the situation and they will make an informed suggestion for you. Of course, the final decision is up to you. We always respect our client’s decisions and execute their instructions the best of our ability.

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