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Graphic Overlays: Visual and Functional Options

October 5, 2021

Hallmark Nameplate is capable of producing the highest quality graphic overlays, and are committed to quality from initial conception to the completion and testing of your product. By using state-of-the-art equipment and collaborating with a talented engineering and design team, there’s no doubt that you’re entrusting your time, energy, and finances with the best business […]

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AmCon Houston 2019

October 15, 2019
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Design-2-Part Marlborough, MA 2019

October 1, 2019
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Your ITAR Questions Answered

December 17, 2018

In an effort to control the export of certain products as well as the technology to build and operate them effectively, the U.S. government has enacted laws that restrict or prohibit their export outside the country.  These laws, called export control regulations, are aimed at restricting the flow of these products, technical information, and services […]

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How Tactile Feedback Works

December 6, 2018

Tactile feedback (also known as haptic feedback) is what happens when high vibration patterns and waves are used to transmit information to a user or operator of an electronic device. “Tactile” means “to touch,” which is appropriate here, considering many electronics and other products today are designed to relay information to their users via touch. […]

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auto optical inspection

How Auto Optical Inspection Works In Your Favor

November 26, 2018

There probably isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard the old saying, “Good enough is good enough,” or even “Good enough for government work.”  the trouble is, however, that to a growing extent, good enough isn’t good enough, and if you determine that a job really is good enough for government work, chances are very good that […]

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business with veterans

Pros of Doing Business with Veterans

November 16, 2018

It doesn’t take thinking about it too long before you realize that bringing your business to someone is much like buying a pig in a poke.  Until a business proves itself to you, you simply never know what you will get when it comes time to deliver. Fortunately, there are ways to get a preview […]

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ansi standards

What You Should Know About ANSI Standards

October 19, 2018

The American National Standards Institute (aka ANSI) is a non-profit, private group that monitors the development of voluntary standards for a variety of things, such as personnel, products, processes, systems, and services in the United States. These are consensus standards developed by the member businesses and groups of ANSI. ANSI also helps to align United […]

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underwriters laboratory

What You Should Know About the Underwriters Laboratory

September 28, 2018

Safety consulting, certification and standards creation are among the core competencies of the Underwriters Laboratory. The organization supports manufacturers in vital industries, by promoting adherence to safety standards and best practices. The mission, scope, and services the UL provides impact your business and the operations of your suppliers. Overview The mission of the UL is […]

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safety first

Why We Put Safety First

September 12, 2018

Manufacturing state-of-the-art electronics, membrane switches, and graphic overlays require precision to ensure customers receive safe, high-quality products. We place an emphasis on safety because of the impact on our customers. From product design and quality management systems to electrostatic discharge safe workstations, our attention to detail is critical for meeting end-user requirements. ESD-Safe Facilities We […]

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