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Which Nameplate Substrate is Right for You?

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At Hallmark Nameplate, nameplate production includes labels and overlays that don’t need embossing or extensive engineering, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t serve a powerful purpose with many applications. Compared to some of our graphic overlays, nameplates offer faster production and lower pricing, without sacrificing an ounce of quality or consistency.

With more than 55 years of experience in the industry, we’re always thinking of all the options you have when it comes to designing your next nameplate. When it’s time to begin working on your next project, our team will be able to walk through the entire development process with you to ensure that your nameplate is created to suit your specific needs and applications.

There are five substrates available to make your next nameplate, but which one is right for you? We’re here to provide all the information you need to answer that question, and answer it correctly. Here are all of the options for our nameplates, in what capacities they are available—you’ll be giving us a call in no time:

Substrate: Polycarbonate (Lexan)

Lexan has a wide temperature tolerance, which allows it to withstand the elements. Similarly, it has an available flammability rating from ULVTM-2 to UL94V0. In the event of high heat or fire, Lexan can stand the heat, and will still be able to provide information for the users of your product. It can also be made with thickness form .005” to .025”. Depending on how you want your nameplate to look, you can create a polycarbonate nameplate with a gloss, velvet, or matte finish. Whether you’re looking for something for indoor or outdoor applications, Lexan is a viable option.

Substrate: Polyester (Mylar)

If you are looking for a substrate that has a lot of built-in resistance, Mylar may be the substrate for you. It is one of the best substrates for chemical and UV resistance, which makes it applicable to many industries that may be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays, or harsh chemicals that your business may use on a regular basis. It is available in thickness from .003” to .010”, and can be made with a gloss or matte finish. Not only is it highly customizable, but it is also highly functional! Whether your business is indoors or outdoors, Mylar substrates work for you.

Substrate: Vinyl

What is most unique about vinyl is that it’s available in a rigid or flexible state. Additionally, it has a wide range of thickness, from .004” to .030”. If you are looking for some great aesthetic options, you can create a vinyl nameplate with a gloss or matte finish. As it stands, vinyl is most suitable for indoor applications; however, it can be made to withstand the UV exposure of an outdoor job by applying a UV over-laminate, which is an available option here at Hallmark Nameplate.

Substrate: Paper

Looking for a nameplate (or label, in this situation) to add pizzazz and quality to your flyers, box labels, and inserts? Look no further than Hallmark Nameplate for your next label design! These labels are available in 60-pound to over 100-pound paper stock, so you have plenty of options when it comes to quality of your labels, and their durability. Paper labels may seem like something simple, but by working with our design and color experts, you’ll receive labels that are equally as cared for as even the most complicated nameplate project. Taking your labels to the next level will be a decision you won’t regret.

Substrate: Aluminum

Aluminum is certainly one of the more “rugged” substrates to use for your next nameplate, which makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It is available in thicknesses that range from .003” to .032” to suit your every need. All of Hallmark’s aluminum sheets are pre anodized. This certainly adds to the durability of this substrate! Finishes are available in matte or mill as well, which could add the finishing touch on your next nameplate.

The options available for your next nameplate project are aplenty, but that doesn’t mean that the decision-making process has to be confusing for you. We are leaders in the industry and make it our mission to walk you through the entire length of your project. Hallmark Nameplate won’t leave you wondering which substrate is best. To get the ball rolling on your next project, contact us today!

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