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What is Underwriters Laboratory (UL)?

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When you make the choice to work with Hallmark Nameplate, you know you’re choosing a company that values service, quality, and trust. However, we are always looking to take our commitment to the best products to the next level. It’s because of this that we are approved suppliers with Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

What is Underwriters Laboratory?

UL is a global independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions from the public adoption of electricity to new breakthroughs in sustainability, renewable energy, and nanotechnology. They are all about promoting not just safe living and working environments, but also the safety of people, products, and places. Dedicated to facilitating global trade in many expansive industries, Underwriters Laboratory strives to provide peace of mind for businesses that work with them, and consumers looking for guidance in a confusing global market.

What do they do?

The core purpose of Underwriters Laboratory is to certify, validate, test, verify, inspect, advise and educate others, business and customers alike. They understand the complexity of today’s modern supply chains, and how easy it is for customers to get tangled in compliance and regulatory issues. In order to facilitate global trade and allow for peace of mind, they make it easier for businesses to validate themselves and their products, and for customers to make sound decisions.

By providing support for both sides of the coin, Underwriters Laboratory can simultaneously promote safe living and working environments around the world. Under the belief that customers deserve the best access to a global marketplace, they work closely with industries and authorities to keep safety and innovation equally at the forefront of our evolving global landscape.

Who does Underwriters Laboratory work with?

UL makes it their undertaking to work with a varied array of participants. In order to really optimize the supply chain for manufacturers (like Hallmark Nameplate), they must provide a broad range of services that support each and every stage of a product’s life cycle. Not only do they work with retailers, but they also consult with governments and collaborate on standards that even the playing fields.

Underwriters Laboratory exercises their prowess and leadership through three strategic business units:

Commercial and Industrial Units: In working with these factors of the global sector, UL is able to provide a vast array of safety, performance, and compliance services with the goal of safe and superior products. Their expertise spans through a multitude of industries, over more than 100 years, and through thousands of products with demanding regulatory and performance requirements.

Consumers: UL makes it their mission to defend the integrity of product performance, so that consumers can rest assured that the products they purchase are of the highest quality.

UL “Ventures:” UL helps companies address all new challenges in product and organizational safety, health, supply chain, and sustainability.

What is the Underwriters Laboratory mission?

UL has been working for a safer world since its inception in 1894, and follows principles and values established by their founder with every decision they make. They are as follows:

  • To promote the safe living and working environments for people by the application of safety science and hazard-based safety engineering.
  • To support the production and use of products which are physically and environmentally safe and to apply our efforts to prevent or reduce loss of life and property.
  • To advance safety science through research and investigation.
  • To concentrate our efforts and resources on public safety in those areas where we can make valuable contributions.
  • To work with integrity and a focus on quality to enhance the trust conveyed by our certification marks and services.
  • To charge fair prices that allow us to meet our obligations, sustain our growth, and invest in safety science and education.
  • To invest in our people and encourage our people to invest in themselves.
  • To be a good example of corporate citizenship and social responsibility.

Regulatory demands are constantly growing and changing, and it is our job at Hallmark Nameplate to keep up with those demands every day. Working in compliance and in accordance with Underwriters Laboratory not only adds to our credibility and simplifies our mission, but also allows us to understand consumer needs and act swiftly to meet them. Ultimately, Underwriters Laboratory supports the innovation essential for the wellbeing of our world.

If you are looking to start your project with a team that takes your every need into consideration while creating a functional, aesthetic product, contact Hallmark Nameplate today!

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