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What Being ISO 9001 Certified Means for the Customer

ISO 9001

Before we get into the specifics of ISO 9001 certification it’s important to understand that certification does not guarantee the quality of products or services that a company will provide. What certification is designed to do is set a standard that both engineers and their customers can easily identify. This allows them to discriminate between quality work and work that does not meet industry standards. ISO 9001 certification keeps all companies accountable and consistent in the production of nameplates as well as other products. Certification also helps the company establish credibility and will help them secure more clients in the future.

What is ISO 9001?

It is important to understand what ISO 9001 and the standard that it sets. ISO 9001 specifies the regulations for establishing management systems that either meet or exceed industry standards worldwide. Organizations that utilize this standard, do so in order to demonstrate competency in providing products and services that meet customer needs at a high level. Of all the standards in the ISO 9000 series, it is by far the most used and the most popular.

What Professional Areas Does ISO 9001 Cover?

ISO 9001 is designed off of a very specific methodology:

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Check
  • Act

It is an approach that has a rigid process that reviews and documents a company’s procedures, its daily structures, and responsibility assignments. It is intended to help an organization achieve high-level management in a manner that is both efficient and beneficial to the customer. What are the areas that ISO 9001 covers?

  • Company operation manual documentation
  • Document flow and control throughout a system
  • Developing strategies for process interactions
  • Assigning upper level management responsibilities
  • Management and distribution of resources including the workforce and work environments
  • Product development and completion from start to finish
  • Measured assessment of progress including how the process benefits the customer.
  • Audit preparedness and correction. Preventative measures to pass future audits both internally and from customer reviews.

Understanding ISO 9001 Certification

Although a company can claim to be ISO 9001 certified the credential does not specify which standard the certification applies to. In a nutshell, being ISO 9001 certified simply means that an organization or company has fulfilled all requirements in ISO 9001. An organization that can demonstrate competency within a Quality Management System (QMS) with a focus on meeting or exceeding customer expectations is a strong candidate for accreditation.

The goal of meeting ISO 9001 requirements should be to deliver 100% customer satisfaction in all areas of operations. This would include creating quality products, prompt deliveries, fair pricing, effective and regular communication, and establishing a smooth process that the customer can easily understand. It also includes a willingness and plan of action for improving all areas of the company including facilities, staffing, and production.

Continuous evaluation and improvement demonstrate to the customer that you value their business and the product that you are selling. Improved customer satisfaction benefits all parties involved including the company, its employees, partnerships, and clients. ISO 9001 Also ensures that a company is meeting all legal and industry regulations in order to maintain safety and security in all daily work procedures. It benefits the company as well as all so those who are interested in the company’s products.

Comparing ISO 9001 Quality Management to Basic Management Systems

How does 9001 Quality Management compare to general management systems? While there are similarities in both systems, 9001 has a focus on specific types of commerce as it applies to customer relations. It helps companies zero in on more narrow areas in an attempt to win over and keep loyal clients in the long run. It is part of a much larger package that an organization can use to establish their reputation in the community.

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