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The Top 12 Reasons Why Companies Partner with Hallmark Nameplate

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If you are a company who expects the job well done the first time, along with individualized customer service, then you are a great fit for Hallmark Nameplate. We welcome the opportunity to be your supplier and partner in bringing quality products to market in the medical, computer, telecommunications, OEM, military and aerospace industries.

Hallmark does more than just nameplates. Over the past 55 years we have successfully grown our expertise to also include both engineering and manufacturing of graphic overlays, membrane switches, electronic assemblies, and control panels. No matter which components fit your needs, Hallmark will provide custom designed products and engineering support services to ensure a successful partnership.

Actually, there are many ways in which we can help our partners be successful. Here are the top 12 reasons why companies want to partner with Hallmark Nameplate.

  1. Qualifications: As a veteran-owned company with over 55 years of experience producing thousands of products, we are the best choice for engineering and manufacturing standard and customized products.
  2. Highest Quality: Our commitment to quality is what sets us apart. We hold ourselves to high standards. These standards allow us to produce military-grade and medical products.
  3. Speed to Market: With the constant technological advances, whether it is download speeds, or a graphic overlay procurement, there is no doubt consumers expect fast results. At Hallmark, we are constantly upgrading our manufacturing equipment to ensure fast turn-around (24 to 48 hour premiums, two weeks standard). By keeping our technology current, we have been able to stay competitive and cut prep times down by 50%, while increasing quality and proficiency by 75%.
  4. Never Settle: Hallmark strives to be the best and most reliable for all of our customers, and it shows in the work we do and how we run our business.
  5. Certifications: Hallmark Nameplate is an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer of industrial nameplates, membrane switches, graphic overlays, control panels, printed circuit boards, and provides value-adds like assemblies, laser and die-cut fabrication, and box builds. Most recently we received the ISO 13485 certification for medical devices. We are also listed as an approved supplier with CSA, UL, and ITAR.
  6. Word of Mouth: Tom from North Dakota can testify to our professionalism and high standards. He completed his review of over 30 potential companies for a project. His company chose Hallmark Nameplate stating, “Your quality, price and communication is impeccable and it is so hard to find a supplier these days that meet these 3 very important details.”
  7. Nameplate Products: Hallmark Nameplate offers state-of-the-art laser and die cut fabrication. We are set up to produce nameplates in large or small runs for just about every substrate with any adhesive material to fit your specifications. Our facility gives us the ability to offer both screen and digital printing.
  8. Graphic Overlays: Just like nameplates, we produce high-quality graphic overlays using the same state-of-the-art equipment. Additional processing such as embossing, trans-colored display windows, or selective texturing creates the final overlay. Our talented in-house engineering and graphic teams are available to assist at any time.
  9. Membrane Switches: Our switches feature a robust construction that is completely sealed off from the outside environment. We manufacture membrane switches in both tactile and non-tactile variations, which support a wide variety of designs and applications. Each membrane switch is specially configured to your product specifications.
  10. Electronic Assemblies: With our combined core competencies and vendor partnerships we are able to provide our customers with fully functional assemblies. This integration allows us to take your prototype from its design to circuit board to full visual and electronic testing. Our electronic manufacturing services provide everything you need in the development of your product’s electrical components. Box builds, printed circuit boards, and assembled prototypes from Hallmark Nameplate have been rated among the highest quality in North America.
  11. Control Panels: Our control panels and control displays are manufactured to the highest quality using reliable, consistent materials. We have the ability to create a control panel assembly that is complete, including all interfaces, controls, displays, and electronics. Our engineering and graphics departments are also available if needed.
  12. Scalable: Not only do we offer customizable products, but we also offer scalable solutions for our customers with the ability to assemble only partial components for jobs that do not require a complete product.

Now, let us show you how Hallmark Nameplate can be a great partner and help your company succeed.


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