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One of the products that Hallmark Nameplate specializes in is the membrane switch. This is a custom designed input device that allows a user to interface with equipment hardware. Membrane switches are non-standard; each membrane switch is specially configured for your product specifications. Industries we serve include medical equipment, computer peripherals, and the military and aerospace industries. This allows a user interface with equipment while protecting the machinery from contaminants, environmental hazards, and debris. We are proud of these products and know that they can withstand continuous use, which can actually be measured through actuations.

We manufacture membrane switches in both tactile and non-tactile variations, which support a wide variety of designs and applications. If you are wondering how to measure the comparative quality of one membrane switch with another, the test is simple: how many actuations can the membrane switch withstand? Our membrane switches are designed with quality and use in mind, which is why our membrane switches can last through an unbelievable 5 million actuations. With the right combination of superior design and substrate choices, your project can withstand the pressures of heavy use and you can count on far more than 5 million actuations.

An actuation is the act of setting something in motion or activating some kind of motion. In the case of membrane switches, it is basically the act of using the switch for its primary function. Our membrane switches are used for such a wide variety of uses that is reassuring to know that our products are able to perform their function over 5 million times with just as much success every time. One of the most vital times that membrane switches are needed are when they are operating medical equipment and lives are at stake.

According to an article published by Medical Design Briefs, membrane switch applications are well suited for medical electronics, which are limited to a specific or small number of functions, are portable, and require a high degree of visibility. Membrane switches are particularly suitable for handheld medical applications and portable devices because they are lightweight, low profile, durable, easy to clean, and RoHS-compliant.

Since membrane switches are such a great asset in the medical equipment world, it is absolutely crucial that they be as reliable and trustworthy as possible. Quality control is everything when it comes to medical equipment because everyone from the doctors and nurses operating the equipment to the family and friends of the patient are depending on the machine to do its job right the first time. Having a guaranteed actuation is the absolute best thing that Hallmark Nameplate can promise in a control panel for medical equipment.

“Electronic devices and circuits are important tools for healthcare and for a wide range of medical applications. Medical electronics can help improve the quality of life in addition to extending life itself. Membrane switches are widely used in medical equipment for applications such as hospital bed controls, ultrasound systems, x-ray systems, patient monitoring, dialysis equipment, thermometers, scales, lighting systems, pharmaceutical delivery devices, and portable/wearable devices,” stated an article published in Electronic Design.

Hallmark Nameplate is certified to ISO 13485 certification, which is the Medical Device Certification. This certification of quality that allows the company to be involved in the production and service of medical devices and related services combined with our actuation guarantee is a winning package when it comes to choosing a membrane switch manufacturer for medical equipment. It is important to all of us here at Hallmark Nameplate that our customers are aware of how seriously we take our standards. No matter the product, we want it to be the best and most reliable for all of our clients. We are extremely proud that we are able to extend our variety of products into the medical field, and that we have the proof to guarantee the number of successful actuations that it will offer patients.

At Hallmark Nameplate we offer membrane switches that feature a robust construction which is completely sealed from the outside environment. We manufacture membrane switches in both tactile and non-tactile variations, which support a wide variety of designs and applications. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and high-quality. Hallmark Nameplate is here to guide you through your membrane switch needs and guarantee the quality through actuation proof.

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