Membrane Switches

control panels

How Control Panels Change Everything

August 10, 2018

The last time you operated a piece of machinery, whether it was as simple as an ice maker on your refrigerator or a cutter on a printing press, chances are good that you availed yourself of instructions printed on the equipment itself. You might have gotten to the point that you didn’t need to use […]

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Quality Measured Actuations for Membrane Switches

May 17, 2018

Planned obsolescence, If you have been in business any length of time at all, chances are good that you have heard of this term. In fact, you have probably experienced it in any number of forms, from the amount of time a product will serve your needs to the number of jobs a piece of […]

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membrane switch customization

Membrane Switch Customization: What It Means for You

February 22, 2018

Looks are everything. Everybody knows that. Or at least we all know that in many–if not most cases–looks are everything. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a model walking down the catwalk or the appearance of a sign in an effort to get your attention. Anyone who posts a sign needs to do everything they can […]

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membrane switch vs mechanical switch

Membrane Switch vs. Mechanical Switch

December 14, 2017

When you are designing and constructing a custom electronic device, it is very important you choose the right switches. This is an often overlooked component of building a reliable and effective device. You have two main choices in this area. You can go with membrane switches, which are switches that have the whole assembly sealed. […]

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membrane switch element

What Membrane Switch Element Is Best For You?

October 1, 2017

At Hallmark Nameplate, we offer several different options for a membrane switch element. Each option has different characteristics that make it the right choice for different applications. To figure out which element is right for you, you need to know how you are going to use the switch. As long as you have that figured […]

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The Difference Between Tactile and Non-Tactile Membrane Switches

August 31, 2017

Printed circuit boards typically rely on membrane switches to turn parts of the device off and on. There are two main membrane switches in use today on printed circuit boards. One is referred to as a tactile membrane switch and the other is called a non-tactile membrane switch. Each switch performs a different function on […]

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Multiple Connector Options for PCB Based Membrane Switches

June 30, 2017

Any industry using printed circuit board (PCB) based membrane switches needs a connector to work. Although the function is universal, the choice of connector options for PCB based membrane switches has challenges with meeting visual and operative requirements. One reason is the continuing reduction of electronic device sizes as technology advances. Our engineering designers are […]

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Why Your Business Needs Tactile Membrane Switches

May 17, 2017

Tactile membrane switches are some of the most innovative new technology to emerge. While there are plenty of uses for such technology, businesses might find this technology even more useful than individuals. Tactile membrane switches are switches that allow a user to turn a circuit on and off. The ink in these switches utilized for […]

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The Importance of Actuations

February 28, 2017

One of the products that Hallmark Nameplate specializes in is the membrane switch. This is a custom designed input device that allows a user to interface with equipment hardware. Membrane switches are non-standard; each membrane switch is specially configured for your product specifications. Industries we serve include medical equipment, computer peripherals, and the military and […]

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Membrane Switch Options

November 22, 2016

At Hallmark Nameplate, we strive to provide our clients with top of the line technology that works well and looks great. One of Hallmark’s specialties are membrane switches. Membrane switches are a huge advancement in technology that allow users to operate machinery with greater ease. With just the touch of a button, you can turn […]

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