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The Benefits of User Feedback

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It’s true what they say, you don’t know ’til you know. And here at Hallmark Nameplate, we want to know. Feedback on our products and services is crucial to maintaining and even improving the quality. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that a customer is satisfied with our work. Likewise, if there is anything a customer thinks can be improved upon, we want to know about that too. Communication is key with all things business. The benefits of customer and user feedback are what keeps us at the top of our game and what helps us continue to make people happy.

Research has been done throughout the business world that the best way to know how to improve a product is through user feedback. There is simply no better way to gauge how well a product works and how well it will sell if there is no dialogue between the user and the producer. Well known companies who have improved their services over and over again rely heavily on the feedback method and have proven that it increases satisfaction in everyone including the user, the company, and the employees working for the company.

Web Analyst & Optimization Specialist of T-Mobile, Margot Van Pelt told researchers,“T-mobile experiences increased customer satisfaction due to streamlined handling of feedback.” They are not the only ones. Companies all over the world want to know what the public thinks of what they are making. Business Analyst for Rabobank, Fatih Agirman, says that they are always looking for better customer engagement and that they are constantly looking to improve the interaction.

At Hallmark Nameplate our mission is to provide quality goods and services that enhance your business. Whether it be a nameplate, graphic overlay, switchboard, or control panel, we want to give our best work to our customers. By delivering the highest quality of products and services we are able to grow our business and customer base. Sales are a great way of tracking our success but the real test of our company is what the customer thinks. We would not be where we are today without the loyalty and trust of the wonderful people who not only rely on us for work that is valuable to them but who keep coming back for more. The loyalty that our customers offer us is invaluable and would not be possible without their precious feedback.

Why we want to hear from you:

-The Customer Knows Best
When someone is using our products, they see it in a new and unique way that differs from the way we see it when it is created. The customer is the one who has more user experience and knows how it works in a particular environment. We would love to know what the customer knows because the customer knows best! Tell us all about how you use our product, why you love it, or if there is more you would like to get out of it.

-We Can Improve Our Products
Users who enjoy using the products we have made and the services we provide enjoy them because they work. But we want to make them work even better! If there is something more a customer wants out of a product then we want to know about it. Feedback allows us to create even better products that can make a customer even happier.

-Increase Production
When products work well and customers are happy, business is better. We want customer satisfaction and we want to make quality products. If we can do that well, it allows us to create even more quality products and add even more satisfied customers to the list. We can only do that if we know what keeps customers happy and how we can keep them that way.

How to give us feedback:
Click on the ‘Contact Us’ button on our page and fill out the Comments/Questions section. Tell us anything about your thoughts on our products and services. It is beneficial not only to our company but to the many people who rely on our company for quality and satisfaction.

You can also contact us by writing to us on Twitter or simply giving us a phone call at 800.874.9063.

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