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At Hallmark Nameplate, we’re proud that our business has grown along with the needs of our most loyal customers. Rather than providing a service and seeking out unknown clients, we grew organically with our earliest clients.

We started out providing only nameplates and graphic overlays. We developed a reputation as a leading provider of quality products and we’re most well-known for quality control and color matching that’s industry-leading. And when our clients have worked with us, they’ve asked us over the years to expand our services and we’ve invested in new technologies and equipments to meet their needs.

Our work in electronic assemblies, for example, came specifically to meet the needs of one our best clients. We’ve found that when a vendor-client relationship is strong, both parties enjoy helping one another grow. And that’s the story of Hallmark Nameplate’s expansion into each of its new territories, and we’re so thankful for those faithful customers who grew us into the business we are today!

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