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Planned obsolescence, If you have been in business any length of time at all, chances are good that you have heard of this term. In fact, you have probably experienced it in any number of forms, from the amount of time a product will serve your needs to the number of jobs a piece of equipment can be reasonably expected to benefit your business. As obscure as most people consider the idea, planned obsolescence is something that almost all companies not only plan for, but they count on it.

What does all of this have to do with you? Quite simply, planned obsolescence is the time or conditions that you can count on a product lasting or from the maker’s point of view, not lasting. For example, if you bought a watch, how long can you plan on it lasting before you need to have it replaced? Of course, you want your watch or other purchases to last as long as possible, but the maker has another plan. They want their products to last only a given time period before the consumer wants a replacement. this is a deliberate shortening of a product’s expected lifespan.

This model can be expanded to any product, including membrane switches. Of course, every product maker, including those of membrane switches, like to say that their product is the best made on the market, which might or might not be the truth, but it ignores the fact that in truth every product wears out, which makes purchasing a replacement a necessity. This is where the ability to plan the quality of the switch to the extent that a given time period or a number of actuations can be determined before a replacement is needed. This helps both the user as well as the maker.

Having an understanding of how measured actuations works, consumers are able to purchase the best products for their use, and makers can work to develop the best products available. This is why Hallmark works consistently to create the longest lasting membrane switches on the market today. This saves consumers money and time. By using membrane switches from Hallmark consumers can rest assured that the products they use will not only work correctly but also be attractive and useful for longer than any other switch.

As a consumer who wants to change to membrane switches, you probably have a number of options that you are considering. That’s good because it shows that you are cognizant of the products that are available. Unfortunately, you still have to make a choice among many products that are often perceivably identical. The most important thing to remember, however, is that there is a difference, regardless of how difficult it might be sometimes to determine differences, with quality measured actuations being among the most important.

At Hallmark Nameplate, we consider it vitally important to make sure that our products stand the test of the hardest uses you can dish out, and then some. We consider this important not only in terms of the way a product looks but in the way it works as well. Only Hallmark has the testing equipment and procedures to ensure that our products are the best that you can install in your applications. The result is a product that you can offer that will perform better for your clients, regardless of their applications. And when your clients offer products that perform better, they will be happier clients for you and your business.

No other membrane switch maker can claim the quality of product that does Hallmark. And while Hallmark can’t claim to have invented the membrane switch, we can say that nobody has invested the time and work that we have to develop the best product of its type available anywhere. Contact Hallmark today to see how we can fill your membrane switch needs with the highest quality product available. Hallmark features a complete line of membrane switches and technologies that will allow you to create a switch that is most compatible with your needs.

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