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Quality Control You Can Trust

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Hallmark Nameplate Five Stars

At Hallmark Nameplate, we serve a global client base of product and equipment manufacturers. We headquarter our operations in Mount Dora, FL and ship our nameplates, graphic overlays, and membrane switches all across the globe. How have we built a reputation as one of the most reliable manufacturers in our industry? Quality control.

We invite all of our customers to tour our facility if ever they are nearby. We’re proud of the operation we have set up and we love to demonstrate how our state of the art equipment produces such high-quality product. Our secret, though, isn’t in the machinery, but in our people. If you tour Hallmark Nameplates, you’ll see people inspecting every item we produce before its shipped out. That’s right—every item is hand-inspected by a human being before reaching our clients.

And therein lies our advantage. We always keep in mind that our products mark precisely the interface where a person will manipulate and interact with products produced by manufacturers. Our team of quality control experts inspects our nameplates with precisely that end user in mind. For your next nameplate, graphic overlay, or membrane switch project, contact Hallmark Nameplates for quality control you can trust.