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safety first

Manufacturing state-of-the-art electronics, membrane switches, and graphic overlays require precision to ensure customers receive safe, high-quality products. We place an emphasis on safety because of the impact on our customers. From product design and quality management systems to electrostatic discharge safe workstations, our attention to detail is critical for meeting end-user requirements.

ESD-Safe Facilities

We work in an electrostatic discharge free environment that prevents human body and device electrical discharges. Threats such as these can damage or destroy electrical components. If we produce defective products, we are not living up to our mission, and we are potentially causing losses for our customers. As a result, we put safety first in the design of our production techniques. Given the competitive nature of our business, protecting our stakeholders on a continual basis is a priority.

QC Inspections

Circuit boards, electrical assemblies, ball-grid arrays, and other components are sensitive to contaminants and prone to damage. Even slight defects caused by poor manufacturing processes or natural phenomenon can lead to critical failures, ultimately impacting the products utilized by end-users. These failures can cause rework, delays and product returns. That’s why visual inspections of electronics, along with other testing methodologies, are critical in our production processes. Without this basic control, defective products can slip through unnoticed and cause harm.

ISO 9001:2016 Certification

Delicate components, such as electronic devices, must meet rigid design specifications to function properly, and becoming ISO 9001:2016 certified is a means to ensure product conformance. This ISO standard and subject area focuses on quality management systems. To meet this standard, companies must demonstrate an ability to consistently manufacture products that meet customer and governmental requirements. Processes for continual improvement and the assurance of conformity to customer requirements are also needed for certification.

That’s why we embrace quality to minimize defects and provide reliable service to our customers. Quality management systems help prevent internal and external failures, mitigating the risk of liabilities and lost business for organizations. Hence the need for these systems and safety in the manufacturing process. If our manufacturing process produces defects, corrective action requests are used to address the issue, fix the root cause problem and introduce a solution that enhances product conformance.

ISO 13485:2016 Certification

Building on the assurance provided by ISO 9001, ISO 13485:2016 focuses on quality management systems in environments where medical devices are manufactured. To meet ISO 13485, organizations must show the ability to provide medical devices and related services that meet government and customer requirements, on a consistent basis. According to ISO, the primary objective of this standard is to facilitate harmonized medical device requirements, for quality systems.

Conformance to this standard and its requirements is key for our business. If government regulations change related to medical devices, then quality management systems must also be adjusted. Given the complexity and safety implications of medical devices, we strive for conformance to ISO and for continued certification. We realize that defects and poor quality cause safety issues that can impact people on a personal level. While it can be difficult to meet ISO quality management system standards, it ‘s imperative for ensuring the long-term viability of our business.

Supply Chain Reliability

As a supplier of critical components to a variety of important industries, we have a material impact on our customers and their supply chains. We have worked hard to build and maintain these relationships, giving customers the products they need to fulfill their objectives. If we do not maintain safety in our production facility, we can impact downstream customers and interrupt supply chains. We embrace safety to make sure our customers receive the products they need when they need them. This keeps our stakeholders’ setup for success and our business viable over the long run.

Taking safety measures to protect customers, employees and other important stakeholders are critical in our operations. Creating quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations ensures that external product failures are reduced to a minimum. Look to Hallmark Nameplate for the components needed to enhance production processes or consumer goods.


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