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Non-Tactile Membrane Switches Designed to Product Specifications

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At Hallmark Nameplate, we are proud to offer membrane switches completely sealed from the outside environment  We manufacture membrane switches in both tactile and non-tactile variations, which support a wide-variety of designs and applications. Non-tactile membrane switches are known for standing up better to repetition and lasting longer–up to five million actuations!

Membrane switches from Hallmark Nameplate can be specifically designed to meet your environmental considerations. Our switches are internally vented and sealed to protect your equipment from contaminants. Hallmark Nameplate’s membrane switches can also be provided with or without terminating connectors as well as:

  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Backlight (LED, fiber optic, EL)
  • Chemical and Weather Resistant
  • ESD/EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Various connector configurations

If your finished product requires non-tactile membrane switches that can withstand up to five million actuations, contact us today for a free quote and for the highest-quality products in a quick turnaround time!

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