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How Does Color Matching Work?

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One of the biggest technological advancements we have continuously kept up on here at Hallmark is the art of color matching. Great strides in the printing world give Hallmark Nameplate amazing results when it comes to printing our graphics and nameplates. And once those advancements included color, they have not turned back. Precision is key in our business, and that goes from the most basic product to the most detailed of products. Regardless of what we are creating, we want our clients to end up with the exact result that they were hoping for.

Design and color are huge factors in what make our products look so great. When it comes to the colors we print on products, we do not accept anything less than completely accurate. We use state of the art tools and technology to help us reach the exact color desired by our client and accept nothing less. Regardless of the size or shape of your product, you can expect the same color result every time.

At Hallmark Nameplate, we use a system called color matching and a tool called a spectaphotometer to gauge and recreate the colors we are working with. Color matching is a method of specifying colors for a print job used for commercial printing. It is a heavily researched method because it not only has to do with what a color looks like, but the psychology behind colors and psychology. When it comes to marketing, color is one of the most controversial subjects in the game.

Our designers have the knowledge and skills to not only match your exact colors for printing, but also consult with you about what kind of messages you are sending with the colors that you choose for your desired product. This could be an extremely beneficial conversation to have before the color matching process because the color you choose to match may be sending a psychological message you are unaware of. If you are interested in learning more about the psychology of colors in our Hallmark Products, click here.

The first step in color matching is using our equipment to determine the exact color. The spectaphotometer is able to take a look at a color, measure the intensity of light that it gives off, and then give us an exact recipe for how to recreate the color exactly using a series of numbers. We are then able to use those numbers to use that exact color over and over again in any way we want. This is a valuable tool when it comes to printing everything from nameplates, switchboards to graphic overlays.

Our clients and the quality of their products mean everything to us here at Hallmark and we have learned that by delivering precise and exact colors has been one of our greatest strengths. We have color matched hundreds of client’s products and recreated the color to exact specification. We are extremely proud of the success we have had with applying color to our products and look forward to making many more customers happy by staying up to date on the best color matching technology as well as color marketing knowledge. It is our job to make sure we are continuously delivering the colors that our clients desire time after time.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our color matching process or the tools that we use for color matching. We would be happy to speak with you in greater detail about your own specific items and make sure that we get all of your questions answered. Call us today to set up an appointment to bring in any inspiration or ideas that you have for your next nameplate, graphic, or electronic device. We will do our absolute best to make your ideas become a reality. Your mismatched colors and graphics are a thing of the past.

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