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Get to Know Your Nameplate Substrate: Vinyl


Previously, we blogged about a few of the substrates available for your next nameplate. While this material the materials we’ve already covered are great for some applications, there are plenty of other substrates to explore, and we are going to continue on with our series with vinyl.

Nameplates in general provide decorate, informative solutions that enhance your product, while offering quick turnaround time without sacrificing quality. Nameplate production includes labels and overlays that don’t require embossing or extensive engineering. Compared to graphic overlays, nameplates offer faster production and lower pricing with high quality and consistency always in mind.

At Hallmark Nameplate, vinyl is:

  • Available in rigid and flexible
  • Available in thicknesses from .004” to .030”
  • Available in gloss or matte finishes
  • Suitable for indoor application
  • Suitable for outdoor applications with a UV over laminate

Vinyl product decals and warning labels are perhaps the most effective and economical method of producing identification graphics. Vinyl nameplates are flexible, and can be used with both indoor and outdoor applications. It also adheres very well to a variety of different surfaces and textures, including concave and convex surfaces. Vinyl allows for a wide variety of finishes and thickness ranges, which allows for plenty of options. Typically, durability ranges from between two and seven years, and is dependent on many factors. Vinyl may tear, however, when stressed, and is not as resistant to chemicals as other nameplate substrates.

Common uses for vinyl products include company logos, warning decals, and equipment asset tags. Hallmark Nameplate offers vinyl substrate nameplates for cost-effective applications that require flexibility in specific thickness and finishes. They’re an excellent material for a variety of indoor uses, or outside with a UV over-laminate, which is also available if you’re looking for something more resistant to ultraviolet rays. Hallmark Nameplate ensures color matching, and our vinyl nameplates are available in every hue imaginable. They’re also available in thickness ranging from .004” to .030”, with gloss or matte finishes.

Vinyl has many uses and applications. It is most often used to promote a company’s logo, a special promotion, event, team, or school. Since vinyl is very flexible as well as a portable material, you could see a vinyl banner just about anywhere, such as billboards, table banners, trade show banners, building banners, street banners, festival banners, as well as stadium flags.

Considering our facility gives us the ability to offer screen and digital printing, let’s review both of those processes briefly.

Digitally-printed vinyl is printed with aqueous (water-based), eco-solvent, solvent-based inks or UV-curable inkjet inks. The latter three types tend to contain durable pigments, which provide superior weather and UV-fading resistance. Large format inkjet printers are usually used. Very large vinyl products may be produced using “grand format inkjet printers” of >2.5m width, or computer-controlled airbrush devices which print the ink directly onto the material. Some of the fastest wide and grand format inkjet printers are capable of printing up to 3,000 square feet per hour.

Vinyl nameplates can also be produced using screen printing, in which different colors are laid down one at a time using screens comprising an imaged stencil, through which the screen printing ink passes. Screen printing may be done on hand benches, single / dual color machines, or on high-performance multi-color screen presses.

Vinyl is one of the many substrates available for your new nameplate to be printed on. At Hallmark Nameplate, we take into consideration every variable to suit your specific needs, and being so versatile, vinyl just might be the one for you. Some variables we will take into consideration include:

  • The type of surface it will be mounted to
  • Indoor or Outdoor application
  • Type of Finish; Gloss, Velvet or Matte
  • Serialization & barcodes
  • Display windows (LED, LCD)
  • Drawings and art files available
  • Domed elements
  • UL or CSA requirements

We have more than 55 years of experience to work with, so when it is time to start your next project, we at Hallmark Nameplate will be able to walk you through the entire development process, eliminating any concern you may have. From your first inquiry to the finished product in your hands, we are here to ensure that you have the right nameplate substrate for your specific needs and applications.

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