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Fine line conductive ink printing

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Fine line conductive ink printing now in clinical trials

At Hallmark Nameplate, we manufacture the finest medical-grade quality membrane switches and graphic overlays available on the market today. We work with military, airline, and medical companies on a regular basis, and we have exciting news regarding new measures in fine line conductive ink printing.

Two local medical device companies partnered with Hallmark Nameplate to develop a low cost disposable harness to replace conventional copper wire and and sensor assemblies used for neonatal and fibrillation applications. Our fine fine conductive ink printing capabilities brought them to us, and through further work on conductive inks, adhesives, and gels, Hallmark was able to produce prototype samples that have been approved and are now in clinical trials.

We’re proud to partner with the most innovative medical companies in the business and even more proud to have a part in saving the lives of neonates and patients experiencing heart failure. If you have a medical application that presents technical problems, rest assured that the engineers and designers at Hallmark Nameplate are equipped to help develop the solution!

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