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Customer Advantages of Ordering from a Small Business

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Effective sourcing of products and materials is critical for maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and ordering from a small business is often the best strategic choice. Ordering from a small company can lead to faster delivery times, less waste during installation or manufacturing and personalized service. These and other benefits make sourcing nameplates, overlays, membrane switches and electronic assemblies a more reliable process.

Product Customization

When it comes to nameplates, personalized service and support can lead to higher quality, longer lasting plates that are aesthetically pleasing. Ordering these pieces from a small business allows better communication of product requirements, creating customized plates that fit on specific surface areas. Customization also includes serialization, indoor or outdoor design, and the appropriate gloss, matte or velvet finish. While larger companies can customize nameplates, they may not have the time or flexibility that a small business does to focus on one client’s needs.

Higher Functionality

Products that meet functionality requirements have a multitude of benefits including driving operational efficiency and increased employee morale. For example, sourcing graphic overlays that meet texture, embossing, surface, and environmental requirements remain highly functional for longer periods of time. It takes resources and testing to meet customer requirements, with communication between customers and overlay providers proving a critical part of the process. Small businesses have the motivation to maximize communication and functionality to maintain business relationships and supplier agreements.

Long-Lasting Relationships

All businesses value their customers, but small companies must work harder at maintaining their current relationships. Otherwise, small suppliers can find themselves in a precarious position, if they lose even one major client. As a result, small companies tend to work harder at maintaining their relationships through higher quality products and attentive service. This is beneficial to customers because it can lead to longer-lasting relationships, where suppliers learn the nuances of customer requirements. Strong relationships allow for flexibility in the supply chain, along with the reduction of defects and errors.

Exclusive Relationships

Quality management philosophies dictate that customers and suppliers create special, long-term relationships that drive efficiency and reduce waste. When ordering from a small business, exclusive supplier agreements can be reached, which creates the opportunity for better supply chain management. Having a supplier that understands the nuances of product requirements can prove to be invaluable in terms of product quality and flexibility. The more effective a supplier agreement is, the more nimble and competitive customers can be.

Exclusive relationships help customers and small businesses grow, allowing suppliers to support their customers more effectively over the long run. If customers do not help their suppliers scale up, then their own growth initiative may be hampered. Working with a single supplier can create a wealth of benefits for all parties involved.

Greater Customer Leverage

Large suppliers tend to have a lot of leverage when it comes to pricing and delivery times because they can afford to lose one client if that client’s terms are not as attractive compared to others. This is not the case with small suppliers. When customers order from a small business, they have more leverage in almost all aspects of the transaction. This is beneficial on multiple levels, especially when a customer’s financial situation is strained and they need a flexible purchase agreement.

Fast & Competitive Quotes

Clear communication and efficient cycle times are keys for effective supply chain management, and small businesses have a vested interest in providing quick, attentive service. Fast service includes responsiveness when it comes to providing detailed quotes and competitive terms on orders. Customers that need sales and engineering support can find the personalized service they need when they utilize a small company. Fast and competitive quotes for products leads to better decision-making for customers, allowing for optimal order quantities at the most advantageous prices.

Sourcing from a small business has multiple advantages ranging from personalized service and support to exclusive vendor contracts. Having a reliable business partner that provides quality products can enhance competitive advantage over the long-term. This makes working with a small business for nameplates and related products a strategic benefit.

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