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Creating Warning Labels With Hallmark Nameplate

warning labels

As leading nameplate manufacturers we create many different types of high quality, durable nameplates. From graphic overlays to membrane switches, any type of nameplate that you can dream we can make. One nameplate that is different from all the rest however, is the warning label. This label alerts consumers and users of the product that there are certain things they need to be aware of or avoid doing while using the product. This is often the most important label on the machine or product because it can absolve manufactures of legal liability if their product was used incorrectly. We create warning labels with many different types of materials knowing that there are many different products that require a warning label. While we do not design warning labels for the companies we create them for, it is important to understand what needs to be on a warning label before submitting your design to Hallmark Nameplate.

What is a Warning Label?

Warning labels are the labels placed on many products alerting consumers to the dangers of using the specific product beyond its intended use. Companies have a duty to warn any consumers, or anyone who may be harmed by its use, that they have the possibility of being harmed while using the product. Due to product liability law, there are many things that must be stated to absolve a company of any wrongdoing if a product was not used as intended, or if the consumer did not heed the information on the warning label. Warning labels can be placed on the product itself, as a nameplate, or be provided with the product in packaging materials. It is up to the manufacturer to decide which is best for their product and for the consumers who will be using them.

What Needs to Be On a Warning Label?

When designing a warning label it is important for the manufacturer to understand who will be using his product and, therefore, who stands to be harmed while using it.  No business owner creates products that will intentionally harm its users, however to limit liability they must inform users of any potential harm they might encounter. Understanding who will be using your product and how, can significantly alter how you decide to display your warning label. For example on a medical device that will be used by many nurses or doctors, a solid warning label affixed to the side of the machine will alert all who use the machine to the harm inappropriately using it will bring. Courts have held manufactures responsible for informing those they, “reasonably foresee would be likely to use its product or who are likely to come into contact with the danger, if any, inherent in the use of its product,” So, when creating a warning label be sure to take users into consideration.

Simply providing a warning is not enough. The warning must adequately inform users of the potential harm. As a manufacturer, you know your product better than anyone and are best suited to create an adequate warning label. Several product liability cases have set a precedent for what constitutes an adequate warning label. When drafting your warning label before sending it to Hallmark Nameplate to be printed on the substrate of your choice, take these findings into account. In Shanks v. Upjohn Co., 835 p.2d 1189,1200 (Alaska 1992), the court found that adequate warning labels must, “1) clearly indicate the scope of the risk or danger posed by the product; 2) reasonably communicate the extent or seriousness of harm that could result from the risk or danger; and 3) be conveyed in such a manner as to alert the reasonably prudent person.” This is but a small piece of what determines a legally adequate warning label. It is very important that you seek the help of your company’s lawyer when drafting your product’s warning label.
Warning labels are a very important part of your product. They alert users to any foreseeable danger that may occur due to use of a product. Choosing the substrate of your warning label is very important as well. At Hallmark Nameplate we have a wide variety of substrates for warning labels. From paper to aluminum, depending on what your product is and how you and your lawyers decide is best to inform the consumers of your product, we have the appropriate warning label for you. If you have any questions about the best substrate for your warning labels, call your representative at Hallmark Nameplates today.

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