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Whether your application is medical, industrial, consumer, computer peripheral or military Hallmark can manufacture a nameplate for you.

At Hallmark Nameplate, we have the experience and capability to make your nameplate out of the right material. We have five substrates that we can use to make your nameplates; polycarbonate (Lexan), polyester (Mylar), vinyl, paper, and aluminum. Determining what kind of material you’ll want your nameplates made from will depend on factors such as where will they be located, how thick do they need to be, and what they will be used for.

There are several questions that will be required to help us determine how to create your nameplates. These include what type of surface they will be mounted to, whether they’ll be used indoors or outdoors, what type of finish is best (gloss, velvet, or matte), serialization and barcodes, which display window will be necessary (LED, LCD), the drawings and art files that are available, domed elements, and the UL or CSA requirements.

At Hallmark Nameplates, we have a staff of seasoned professionals that are here to help you in any way you need. So if you are looking for nameplates for your product. Come to Hallmark Nameplate for a quick, easy, and pleasant experience.

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