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At Hallmark Nameplate, we strive to provide our clients with top of the line technology that works well and looks great. One of Hallmark’s specialties are membrane switches. Membrane switches are a huge advancement in technology that allow users to operate machinery with greater ease. With just the touch of a button, you can turn circuits on or off, send messages, and operate machinery. Not only do we specialize in the technology of creating these amazing gadgets, but we also create them to the exact specifications that the customer desires. We offer a wide variety of features and applications that are all constructed to be completely sealed from the outside environment.

The purpose of a membrane switch is to turn a circuit on and off. The materials that the membrane switch are made of are extremely important for safety and functionality. We use ink that is conductive and able to pass electrical currents to actually make the buttons on the switch function. They allow our clients to use equipment with greater ease and are also a more attractive and more functional alternative to mechanical switches. Each membrane switch is made specifically for the client and product specifications.

We offer two different types of membrane switches. It is important to consider how a membrane switch will be used, who will be using it, and also the environment it will be used in when deciding on which membrane switch is the best option. Depending on the factors, each membrane switch will be either a non-tactile switch type or a tactile switch type.

Tactile Switch Types

Our tactile membrane switches are engineered around the sense of touch. What the user sees is an attractive pad with user friendly buttons that allow the user to actually feel the buttons being pushed in. Under the pad are conductors and buttons that send messages of action. They are completely sealed from the external environment and are capable of more than 5 million actuations. What this means for our clients is that these membrane switches can do more than 5 million things with the touch of a button. These switches work great for keypads, instruments, doctor’s offices, and operating large doors. We take pride in being able to create extremely useful tactile switches and also being able to produce pleasing graphics that please our customers from a functional and aesthetic standpoint.

Non-Tactile Switch Types

Depending on the uses for membrane switches, the non-tactile switch type may be the best option. The difference of switch types is all about the user. Non-tactile switches do not provide direct sensory feedback to users. When buttons are pressed, they may give feedback from an LED light or possibly a noise alert. The custom shapes and sizes of these switches are more versatile and the diversity of fiber optic backlighting or sound varieties are what make the non-tactile switches an exciting alternative to tactile switches. The non-tactile switches we create at Hallmark Nameplate are internally vented for a complete seal and are capable of more than 1 million actuations.

Construction elements of our membrane switches are also customizable. We offer 3 different types of conductors that each provide unique services to the user. Conductive silver, copper flex, and PCB based are all available for custom membrane switches. Depending on the use and placement of the switch, engineers will be able to help choose the most appropriate material.

Our membrane switches are ISO 9001:2008 registered which means that we have met the requirements put in place by a Quality Management System. It verifies our intent to be focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction so that we give every client the attention they deserve.

Call us today to get in touch with an engineer regarding your custom membrane switch. We are ready and able to create the best membrane switch that will provide you with the function you need and the look that you want. We are able to enhance our nameplates using LED lighting, fiber optic backlighting, and beautiful graphic overlays. Set up an appointment with a representative and we hope you have your custom membrane switch in no time.

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