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Six Benefits of Quality Control at Hallmark Nameplate

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When it comes to building a successful business that delivers products that meet and exceed customers’ expectations, it all comes down to quality control. It also forms the basis of an efficient business that minimizes waste and operates at high levels of productivity. A quality control system based on a recognized standard, such as ISO 9001 published by the International Organization for Standardization, provides a strong foundation for achieving a wide range of marketing and operational benefits.

Hallmark Nameplate has been in the industry for many years, and because of that, we have seen competitors come and go. In all these years, we’ve learned that quality, service, and reliability. Total quality management is implemented at every turn of our manufacturing facility, and we make sure to inspect every item before it is shipped to you. You can see (and touch) the difference in our products.

Because we value the quality control methods we implement every day, we want to make sure that our clients understand why it’s important and how it has shaped the way we lead this industry. Here’s what is greatly affected by the best possible quality control:

  1. We’re at the top of the competition.

The ability to offer customers the highest quality products provides a strong competitive advantage. Quality gives us an advantage to win business from competitors who are unable to match our standards.

  1. Our customers are loyal to our products and services.

You all enjoy our products and have done so for many years. Providing you all with quality products helps increase the satisfaction and loyalty our clients deserve. Satisfied customers have confidence that our products will continue to provide reliable performance in the future, and that increases the chances that our customers will return to us with their next project, which we’re thrilled to plan, create, and deliver with timeless quality. Not only that, but the most satisfied of customers will recommend our nameplates, graphic overlays, and other products to other customers looking for assistance with their projects, either directly or providing testimonials that we’re proud to use to reach out to others.

  1. Our reputation speaks for itself.

At Hallmark Nameplate, we truly care about the great reputation we’ve built from the bottom up. Quality makes an important contribution to that reputation. Customers are constantly sharing their views on products and services, as well as experiences, and we are constantly using that feedback to continue striving toward excellence in everything we do. Companies that have quality problems will notice a damaging effect on reputation if the word spreads, and we are happy to say that Hallmark Nameplate does not have this problem; the quality control procedures we have in place ensure that we create great products and happy clients.

  1. Our compliance means the highest quality for our customers.

Compliance with recognized quality standards may be essential for doing business with certain groups of customers. Hallmark Nameplate is, for example, an approved supplier with Underwriters Laboratory, which is a group that tests products for public safety. We are also an approved supplier with the Canadian Standards Association, and with the International Traffic In Arms Regulations, which allows us opportunities beyond the constraints of the industry. These additional compliances are a reflection of our fine work, widen our client base, and allow our current clients to understand the values we strive to achieve with every product we deliver.

  1. The ISO 9001 benefits are endless.

Hallmark Nameplate is proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, which ensures that our identification nameplates, membrane switches, graphic overlays, control panels, value-added assemblies, and box builds are effectively developed by a quality management system to ensure consistency. Our products meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and we aim to use this to enhance customer satisfaction.  As a customer working with an ISO 9001 certified company, you can enjoy the benefits of efficiency, savings, international recognition, a strong relationship with the manufacturer, documentation, consistency, satisfaction, and constant improvement.

  1. Costs are more than manageable.

Excellent quality control helps to reduce production and product support costs. Implementing such a strong quality control system as ours helps to lower levels of waste and rework, cuts costs, and improves productivity and production efficiency. Delivering quality products also reduces the number of returns we have to handle, and reduces the cost, time, and energy spent repairing or servicing products in the field. With our products, it’s just not a concern!

When working with other companies that do not value quality control as much as us at Hallmark Nameplate, your product manufacturing process has likely been littered with many vendors. We know how complex your ideas are, and are ready to bring them to market. Our endless commitment to quality, service, and reliability will make your first steps toward your new product a breeze. Contact us today!

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