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Why Your Nameplate Needs the Dome Element

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Your nameplate needs the dome element to keep the image intact longer. The dome element makes it simple for customers to remember your brand and new prospects to recall the name. We share your goals and values for doing business and offer advances in manufacturing processes for nameplate longevity. While you are doing business, we are working on better designs and easier engineering processes that stand the test of time for your products.

Over the years, nameplate features have changed—one of those enhancements is the dome element combined with engineering and craftsmanship. Is it time to improve your image with a clear flexible bubble that is water, scratch and rust resistant?  Dome features include protection from chemical interactions, human interactions or environmental factors.

Dome elements are one of the latest trends—sending a message about your company and evidence to the latest technology improving your status. Customer loyalty does not just happen. It takes the best engineering to display your brand. Domes add a new dimension meeting the marketing demands to increase the appeal of your nameplate.

Engineering the Dome

Domed nameplates amplify the product’s identification for indoor and outdoor equipment, vehicles or machinery. The design is essential because we customize every nameplate to fit your equipment and space placement. The main purpose of nameplates is to make your brand noticeable.  Our engineering practices can take your nameplate from great to unbelievable using quality graphic solutions. Product tags that lasted a few years can now extend beyond five using a dome element. The dome materials and processes are part of the durability features, followed with the precision use of industry graphics.

You can choose from aluminum and steel etchings using your logo and colors. If your nameplate design has mood shadows or 3D enhancers – we are ready to exceed your design expectations. Consider using dome elements as identification tags on these products:

  • Computer equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Instrumentation
  • Electronic devices

The final process covers your logo nameplate with a domed industry rated urethane. The technology works on nameplate equipment controls. The coating is clear for visibility and works without interference to LED window functions.

Customizing the Designs

Whether you are manufacturing, working in medical arenas, technology or communication devices—dome elements make your company labeling and control panels more durable and better looking. If you are at a loss for ideas or at a turning point for growing your business call us. We can help improve your nameplates and expand your business brand.  We will build to spec and compliance to industry quality of materials and performance standards. Our material features for domed nameplates include:

  • Chemical resistant
  • Customized designs
  • Cost-effective
  • Weather and waterproof

Constructed to sustain changing temperatures, extreme exposure to sunlight will not yellow the dome. Domes add protection to the nameplate with durability due to the flexibility of the clear urethane covering. Our engineering teams are experts and share their knowledge on what materials work best for your nameplate, fitting function with quality.

  • Engineered durability
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Customized to the environment

Upgrades to a New Image

Change is a part of business and we are aware of the need for quick, exact and fast deliveries. We do our best to create your design on schedule. Remember, you are part of the sequence and your design needs to go through an evaluation to make it stand out. We pay attention to the details. We understand how you are using your dome nameplate labels. Dome nameplates have a standard thickness, but you can customize—we will remind you about the limitations to keep the quality of your dome nameplate intact. The change in thickness needs to accommodate the shape of the nameplate and the location for visibility and durability. The final process ensures the edges are smooth and sealed to avoid damage.


We meet the growing demand for dome elements. We are a specialized manufacturer and quality supplier for product labels and graphic overlays. Our standards show our commitment to engineering your nameplates to weather time until they need updating using the next generation of technology. Send us your challenge and allow our staff to add the dome elements to your nameplates.

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