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What Kind of Control Panel Do You Need?

Control Panel

Even though it may seem counterintuitive, many devices that could use control panels do not come with them as standard. Hallmark Nameplate can make a control panel for any application you might have. These control panels are made to the highest standards in our full-service manufacturing process, which includes displays, controls, and interfaces. Our design professionals can even help you with the graphics and the color of the panel. Even if you already know that you need a control panel, you have to figure out what kind you need. The kind of control panel you need is based on the application that you have. To learn more about different applications and the control panels they require, read on.

Panels for Telecommunication Applications

Many telecommunication devices currently on the market today could use better control panels. For example, a home security system is considered to be a telecommunication device. A better control panel for your tablet home security system could give you better ergonomics and allow you to customize your systems for your customers.

Transportation Control Panels

Many heavy transportation vehicles, like fire trucks, ambulances, and garbage trucks can benefit from a control panel in the cockpit. Any vehicle that has a wide variety of powerful functions that the driver must control is a good candidate for one of our control panels. Our panels give your vehicles more driver-friendly options for lighting, hydraulics, indicators, and more.

Computer Peripheral Control Panels

If you make computer peripherals, especially for commercial or industrial use, your product could benefit from a control panel. Computer peripherals that we commonly manufacture control panels for include printers, projectors, commercial speakers, and Industrial displays. Of course, control panels are available for just about any computer peripheral you might have, as we can custom-make control panels for your needs.

Food Service Panels

Many of our clients are in the foodservice industry. Climate control is especially important when it comes to food service. Not only do you want your customers to be comfortable, but you’re also going to need to keep an optimal temperature to keep your food fresh. We can make control panels for both climate control and refrigeration needs. These control panels will be made specifically to survive cleaning chemicals and cold temperatures. Our Food Service control panels are also made to prevent employee or customer tempering. Finally, we can create a centralized control panel that will allow you to take charge of multiple different functions in your business. Greater control over your refrigeration and room temperature can save you money on your electricity bills.

General Industrial Controls

Hallmark Nameplate manufacturers many control panels for industrial use. These applications often include machines in factories and other manufacturing businesses. Our industrial control panels are made to survive chemicals, vibration, and other harsh conditions. We also make industrial control panels for construction equipment, such as cranes and bulldozers. No matter what your industrial application is, the control panel includes motor branch circuit protective devices and disconnect means. The control panel casing will also be made of metal or very strong plastic to suit whatever industrial need you may have. All you have to do is let us know the specific industrial application, and we will work with you to come up with the right design for your needs.

Outsource a Control Panel for Your Product

If you are manufacturing a product in one of the categories listed above or even a part of that does not fall into any of these categories, contact us about making a custom control panel for you. You could try and make one yourself, but Hallmark Nameplate has the experience and expertise to create custom control panels quicker and more cheaply than many companies can in-house. Also, we can work with you to gain a greater knowledge of your product and customize a control panel that will offer added functional functionality to the users of your product.

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