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WARNING: You Need Graphic Overlays

Staircase with mind your step warning sign

It would be foolhardy to manufacture practically anything without some kind of identifying feature.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s as simple as a small sticker or as complex as an imprint. It doesn’t matter as long as a product is identified, instructions are clear, and warnings are spelled out.  What is just as important, however, is that this information is included in a manner that is clearly seen, easy to apply and remove, and is durable throughout their use.

Quick, if you think you are immune from it, think of the last time you sat in a room by yourself and didn’t see some kind of graphic promotional material.  This is the value of printed materials.

The best part of all this is the fact that as technology has improved, so has the ability to provide better and better materials to users everywhere.   That’s always been true of graphics, to one extent or another, but today it is truer than ever. Whereas in years past there were things such as stickers that replaced pressed metals on equipment, today there are overlays that are revolutionizing what was possible in the past.  And not only are these overlays more colorful and durable, but they are also far less expensive than they ever were.

The advantages of graphic overlays are numerous.  These include their durability in even the harshest of environments.  Let’s face it. It’s difficult, if not virtually impossible, to create a sticker, sign, or anything else that will endure most environments, including heat, cold, humidity, and whatever else you care to throw at it.  After all, colors run and fade. Paper and adhesives lose their durability. But with graphic overlays, you can project any image you desire on nearly any surface in a manner that will not only stand the test of time, but will do so in a manner that will keep its color fastness and impression.  Further, graphic overlays will withstand even the harshest environments that include UV rays and other factors that other methods will not tolerate. Not only that, but they will protect whatever surface you choose to apply them to.

Graphic overlays are also resistant to factors such as rough handling that they might encounter in handling and even the roughest shipping environments.  And even if a product is allowed to sit on a shelf in the brightest lighting, graphic overlays are one labeling method that will hold their color over time until they are called for.  This will not only allow them to be used in different environments, but they will stand the test of time without having to be reapplied due to use and wear.

Graphic overlays are useful in different environments when color can make all the difference in the world.  For example, it’s not uncommon to expect machinery that is in operation to need to be shut down quickly and unexpectedly, especially in the case of an emergency.  For instance, such as this, graphic overlays can literally make the difference between safety and catastrophic events, death, and injury. If an emergency occurs, for example, it is much easier for a workman to locate a STOP switch or button with a colorful graphic overlay as opposed to a staid and possibly worn out sticker or paint job.

As anyone who has any experience in the printing industry knows, there are easier and perhaps even cheaper ways to create excellent graphics for these type of uses.  But when it comes to colorfastness, durability, and many others. There are few products that will outlast and outshine graphic overlays, and that’s not all. You can add visually enhancement touches such as die cuts and embossing, and even overstamping to graphic overlays, which will increase their impact dramatically.

The first key in getting graphic overlays that will make a real difference in your business or that of your clients is to talk to a pro in the business such as Hallmark Nameplate.  Hallmark Nameplate has been in the business of creating graphic overlays for more than 55+ years and has a staff of experienced professionals who are able to work with you throughout the creative process in order to deliver a final product that is beyond your expectations.   

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