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Everything You Need to Know About Contract Electronic Manufacturing


The first thing you need to know about electronic manufacturing companies is that they offer a broad range of products and services for almost any industry. If you can conceive it, then there’s a manufacturing service that can create it. Electronic manufacturing services specialize in custom-designing all types of items that companies use to improve production or utilization of their own products. Below we cover the specifics of all the services that Hallmark Nameplate, as well as other manufacturers,  can provide for you.

Electronic Manufacturing

Contract electronic manufacturing (CEM) companies custom-build items on a wide scale every single day. Since many companies do not have the equipment or resources available to build their own in-house components, they contract out third-party manufacturers to create products and equipment. Manufacturing companies can design and build machines that will create the very products their clients will utilize. Skilled engineers are hired to machinery and production methods that can be used to create products in a manner that is dependable, efficient, and safe.

Product Testing

One of the benefits of partnering with a contract electronic manufacturing company is that products can undergo preliminary testing before they are mass-produced and distributed. Prototypes are created for this purpose. For instance, one of the products that Hallmark Nameplate creates is graphic overlays. Graphic overlays are designed to protect equipment from dust. Overlays also make it easier for workers to operate devices that require pushbutton controls. Products like overlays, however, have to be tested for accuracy, dependability, and durability so that companies can rely on them to work when they need them the most. Manufacturing services ensure the quality of products that are created through ongoing testing and analysis.


CEM companies also provide distribution services for clients who are unable to distribute the products that are created for them. Manufacturers have the ability to ship products worldwide to their clients or on behalf of their clients. Both the CEM and the company they build products for set up distribution systems and scheduling. The system can be custom-scheduled and fine-tuned to meet the client’s needs. No matter how complex the scheduling is or how far the items have to be shipped, a CEM company can take care of the shipping and ensure that all products arrive at their destination on time.

Return and Repair Services

When products are being mass produced and widely distributed, errors will occur from time to time, thus, resulting in faulty equipment that may need to be repaired or returned. Instead of a company taking care of the items on their own, they can depend on a CEM to take care of the repairs for them. Most companies already have a system set in place to take care of repairs and returns in an efficient manner so that their clients experience minimal inconvenience. While repairs are unfortunate (and at times costly), they help a manufacturer improve the quality of construction as well as the process of building a product so faulty devices occur with less frequency.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Companies such as Hallmark Nameplates contract with other companies to design and build original equipment for other companies. For example, we build nameplates, graphic overlays, membrane switches, and electronic assemblies for companies in the United States and other countries. OEM parts are original parts that companies use for completing the manufacturing process for their own products. By partnering with OEM manufacturers, companies can speed up the process of building and distribute products for their clients while ensuring that each item is built with absolute quality from start to finish.

If you are looking for a reputable manufacturer to help design and build a product for your company, then contact Hallmark Nameplate today at 800-874-9063. You can also message us on our contact page.

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