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New Year, New Nameplate: 6 Signs You Need to Update Your Nameplate Design

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From product alterations to brand changes, it is important to keep your company cohesive across the board. So, when your organization makes a significant change, you need to make sure to update the nameplate design so it reflects the changes.

Depending on the developments of your organization, you may not need a total redesign. But, maintaining updated information on your new nameplate is crucial for continuity, clarity, and brand recognition.

So, are you wondering whether or not you need to update to a new nameplate?

Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss 6 common reasons why organizations might need to update to a new nameplate.

Why Would I Need a New Nameplate Design?

As we will discuss later in the article, there are a number of reasons why an organization may need to update their nameplates. Some of the conceptual reasons are: to improve brand recognition, provide inclusivity, and prioritize transparency.

Improve Brand Recognition

To promote brand recognition, your company’s nameplates should be different from those of your competitors in the industry. Making your product design memorable or unique will help improve your brand recognition, thus driving more loyal customers to your company.

Since all of your company’s products most likely include your logo or company name, your nameplate should as well. Therefore, any changes to your brand that affect people’s ability to identify it from your competitors should be displayed on your company nameplate.

nameplate design

Provide Inclusivity

Now more than ever, organizations are prioritizing inclusivity through different initiatives. For example, the Army recently approved its soldiers to wear a redesigned nameplate on their Army Green Service Uniforms.

This new nameplate will allow for accent marks and hyphens to be displayed on uniforms for the first time in army history. By authorizing diacritics and hyphens on nameplates, they are trying to show support for minorities in the Army and assist in the correct pronunciation of soldiers’ surnames.

Prioritize Transparency

As mentioned earlier, you may need a new nameplate if your company undergoes significant changes to its branding or products. Addressing these changes in your company’s nameplates will ensure that your brand is as transparent as possible.

Transparency is beneficial for many reasons. The main reason this transparency will help your company is because it facilitates customer loyalty. It also guarantees that you will adhere to industry regulations.

For example, Label Insight, a company that specializes in product analysis, found that “94% of all customers are more likely to be loyal to a brand when it commits to full transparency.”

Since the purpose of a nameplate is to provide information about an organization, equipment, or even a person, it needs to be accurate and easily discernible. This is why maintaining up-to-date information on nameplates is important for products and industries that experience frequent changes or improvements.

6 Signs You Need to Update Your Nameplate Design

If you are wondering whether or not you need a new nameplate for your business, here are 6 common reasons why you might need to update your nameplate design.

1.) Your Organization Changed Its Logo

One of the most common reasons why a nameplate design would need updating is if the company changed its logo. Obviously, significant changes to the logo should be implemented on all the company assets, such as products, the website, email signatures, etc.

However, even changes that may seem minor, like the addition of a comma or a slight brand color alteration, need to be updated. By prioritizing consistent branding across the board, you are helping your organization generate accurate brand recognition.

2.) Product Changes or Alterations

When making changes to your products, such as adding new features or tweaking its composition, it is a good idea to update the nameplate. Redesigning your nameplate to reflect these changes will promote your brand awareness and highlight your company’s transparency.

It will also ensure that your company is consistent and up to date with the descriptions of products and services on the market. So if your product has matured, then it is probably time for a new nameplate.

3.) You Merged With Another Company

If your company recently merged with another company, it might be time to update to a new nameplate. Mergers can often create a new identity for an organization, so your nameplate should mirror this identity change with updated branding.

Also, if the merger leads to an influx of new products, then you will want to make sure all of the products are implemented with the correct, redesigned nameplate.

4.) Product Line Expansion

Product expansion is often a result of company merger. Since the new products that you acquired during the merge may not have the proper nameplate or accurate description, you will need to apply a new nameplate to the products that are added to your product line.

Some factors to take into consideration for product line expansion are model or product numbers, safety information, and manufacturing dates that will appear on the new nameplate design.

food service labels and food name plates

5.) Your Competitors Updated Their Nameplates

In order to keep up with your competition, you want to avoid being associated with outdated products, technology, and equipment. This is why it is important to be mindful of what your competitors are doing.

As we mentioned earlier, making your company stand out among its competitors will improve brand recognition and generate more loyal customers. So, it is useful to keep up with your competitors and adjust your nameplates accordingly.

6.) New Regulations or Restrictions in Your Industry

Since the main purposes of nameplates is to provide product tracking information and safety instructions, keeping your nameplates updated is a crucial step toward preventing improper use.

If you lack the properly updated safety or instructional information on your nameplate, then you may be at risk of violating industry regulations. You could also be putting your organization at risk for a lawsuit if someone is injured using your product.

Whenever there are important changes made in the regulations of your industry, your nameplates should reflect that information.

automotive labels and nameplates

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why an organization may need a new nameplate. If you are wondering how you can get a new nameplate, we can help!

Upgrade Your Nameplate With Hallmark Nameplate

For more than 60 years, Hallmark Nameplate has been trusted manufacturers for nameplates and custom metal fabrications. We serve numerous industries, including medical, aerospace, automotive, IT and computer, food service, and more.

If you have a certain order you need guidance on, we are happy to offer our expert advice to help you through the process. We also offer product sample boxes, so you can get the real look and feel for your nameplate.

So, let Hallmark Nameplate give you the quality and care you deserve. Visit our website or call 352-383-8142 to request a free quote.

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