Graphic Overlays

Hallmark Nameplate produces high-quality graphic overlays using state of the art equipment and a talented engineering and graphic team. Our graphic overlays are either screen or digitally printed, similar to our nameplates, except they require additional processing like embossing, trans-colored display windows, or selective texturing.

Not only does a graphic overlay add aesthetic appeal to a device, but it can also provide environmental protection. A graphic overlay can be used in an assembly using discrete switches or laminated to a membrane switch.

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Transparent Colored Windows

Use color-infused windows to add functionality and appeal to LCD screens and LEDs


Tactile and non-tactile keys. Pad, perimeter, and dome embossing

Selective Texturing

Combine gloss, velvet, matte, finishes to communicate functions to the end user

Hybrid Products

Source overlays, membrane switches, and electronic assemblies from Hallmark Nameplate for a complete, streamlined service

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Windows with Transparent Ink
Key Embossing
Transparent Windows for LEDs
Material Cutouts