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Next Level Overlays: Perimeter Embossing

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Hallmark Nameplate is known for its high-quality graphic overlays manufactured using state-of-the-art laser cut, die cut, or plot cut fabrication methods. Not only do graphic overlays provide the primary function of identifying each selection on industrial/medical equipment and consumer products, they also prevent moisture infiltration, UV ray damage, and chemical corrosion of the underlying electronic surface.

If you want to take your graphics overlay to the next level – consider perimeter embossing to add a tactile method of making sure the right function is being selected among multiple controls. Perimeter embossing applied to graphic overlays are being used for touch-sensing labels in many industry sectors:

  • Medical devices
  • Industrial equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Domestic appliances
  • Aerospace and military
  • Fitness equipment

What is Perimeter Embossing?

Perimeter embossing is sometimes referred to as rim embossed graphics. It is a labeling feature where a ridge around the edge of the key is raised to the next level above the label itself. Overlay embossing is often used on membrane switches to add a raised, tactile finish to the keypad. The two-dimensional area gives the operator confirmation that they are indeed pressing the correct button.

At Hallmark Nameplate, we realize the design of any user interface using membrane or discrete switches with perimeter embossing must first consider the requirements of the product – the functions to be identified and any options that are to be featured. And when you consider medical equipment or industrial machinery, the need to quickly and easily identify the correct function is crucial to the operation of the equipment. Perimeter embossing that raises the key edge to the next level can be viewed as a safety feature, helping to protect lives and property.

The Aesthetic Value of Next Level Overlays

Next level perimeter embossing also has a wide range of applications for adding a distinct look to consumer products or electronic devices and can be a very creative way of setting your product apart from the competition. When graphics are embossed, they create an additional impression of an area, lettering, or a pattern.

The raised edge surface of a perimeter embossed keypad or control panel will add a visual dimension to surfaces, and the selection with perimeter embossing adds even another level of interest. The tactile feel of the raised edge gives your products a look of exclusivity. Perimeter embossing changes not only the feel of the material, it can add a level of quality that is above standard design graphics.

Why Choose Hallmark Nameplate?

Membrane switches and discrete switches with next level perimeter embossing do offer a high-tech look to the user interface. But in fast-paced manufacturing or with critical care medical devices, the raised rim switch is a reliable choice for a human interface that promotes safety. The multiple advantages of a sealed overlay and a raised rim keypad that is easy to clean and engineered to operate in harsh environments or sterile locations are what makes these graphic overlays a great option.

We have the solution for all your graphic overlay and labeling needs. If your equipment will be located in an environment that is dry, hot, wet, cold, chemical or UV exposed, we produce long-lasting, high-quality interface labels. Each graphic overlay with next level embossing is custom-designed to meet your every end-user application.

Hallmark Nameplate has been serving the manufacturing and engineering industries for over 60 years, providing nameplates, membrane switches, and electronic assemblies for thousands of products including OEM, telecommunications, computers, and the medical industry. We take pride in our engineering and design staff that develop products under ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance guidelines. It doesn’t matter if your project is large or small, we can provide a fast and free quote. Or fill out our convenient contact form to receive more information on the products that you are interested in.

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