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Nameplates Explained

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At Hallmark Nameplate, we participate in production of materials across all industries including healthcare, aerospace, and military operations. In any field, the production of reliable, user-friendly equipment with high quality materials is essential. And nameplates are an essential part of that process.

A nameplate is essentially a user interface on a piece of equipment or machinery. It’s a visual label applied to a finished product in order to mark buttons, identify product features, list a product name or manufacturer, or transmit any other useful information to the product’s user. These nameplates must last as long (or longer!) than the equipment itself, stand up to operational conditions of use, and be intuitively designed so as to make the product user-friendly.

At Hallmark Nameplate, we offer graphic design services to enhance the look of your finished product and to develop your company’s name recognition. If you have questions about nameplates and how they can improve your manufactured product, contact us at Hallmark Nameplate today.

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