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Making the Difference with Control Panels

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When it comes to creating custom control panels for our clients, we are able to create nimble solutions for a diverse array of needs and industries. Food service, medical, industrial, manufacturing, telecommunications, and transportation are all examples of the industries that we have worked with to create control panels that work for their specific needs. Here is a small highlight of how the work we do with control panels can make a difference in your industry.

Custom Creation and Assembly

At Hallmark Nameplate, we have the expertise and skilled engineers to create a custom control panel from start to finish. We develop the interfaces of the panel, the physical controls, the displays, and the electronics. By creating the whole device in-house the ability to tailor a panel to your specific company needs and aesthetic is what we strive to do every day for our clients. As part of the overall completed look of a panel, we have anti-glare, high-gloss, matte, and velvet finishes.

Food Service Machinery

A great example of our work with food service machinery is the example of a bakery that is looking to manufacture their product. If you are that bakery looking to automate the manufacturing process of your scones, cupcakes, and croissant to reach a wider market you will be looking to create a custom piece of equipment. You know you want the same high-quality output that goes into your handmade operation, and you know that you will need a way to control the automation to get the results you are looking for. This is where Hallmark custom control panels come in, we can create a control panel to run the food service equipment that you need, and provide the custom thermostats and additional controls to help you create the bakery you need.

Industrial Equipment

Many of our clients are in the industrial industry and need controls that have a combination of power and circuit components. Alternatively, we also work with companies that have developed specific equipment for other industries. This might include crane companies, refrigeration, fountains, and construction equipment. While our clients are the experts on the work that they do, we are the experts of tying it together and creating controls that make their ideas work.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Devices

One of the strongest ways that Hallmark Nameplate makes a difference for other companies, is providing control panels for component creators. You might be in the business of creating a component that will be installed in another company’s end product, and you want your product to rise above the competition and have a control panel that has form and function that work seamlessly with your client’s end product. By creating that custom control panel for your component, you are able to provide that to your clients consistently and across a variety of industries.


Often, transportation is left off of the list of places where custom controls might be needed, but when you start to look closely at the service vehicles our society needs, you can imagine how many different control panels are needed. Snowplows and street sweepers use control panels to clear snow and debris from roadways. Recycling, refuse, and sanitation trucks need control panels to ensure proper collection and disposal of the items that they pick up. Utility, oil and gas, and maintenance vehicles all need control panels to their work. Most importantly, and often with a high level of complexity, rescue vehicles need a wide variety of control panels to save lives and complete many various functions.

Overall, the custom control panels that Hallmark creates fulfills the needs of many industries and is able to create assemblies that address many different functions. If you are looking for a control panel for your business, we have the experts and the know how to create a panel that works for you. From medical to food safety to transportation and security, the difference a control panel from Hallmark makes can often result in higher safety and saved lives. With your imagination and our expertise, we can make the difference together.

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