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Improve The Safety of Your Business with Custom Labels

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Quick. If you came upon a machine, a table, or a chair that had a Post-It note on it that said, “Wet Paint,” written by hand, would you be inclined to believe it and avoid touching the surface? Maybe? Maybe not? Now, instead of a handwritten Post-It Note, you found yourself looking at a professionally printed sign that said, “Wet Paint.” Would you pay more attention to what it said and maybe even be more attentive to what it meant? If you are like most people, you would. And there’s a reason for that too. People are more inclined to heed the warning of a professionally made sign.

Now imagine what would have happened if Thomas J. Watson, the founder of IBM, had created his famous sign “THINK” in hand-writing on a Post-It Note instead of the ubiquitous printed cards that can be found practically everywhere and, as a result, have become a modern business phenomenon. Would it have become the business staple that it has? Probably not.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that when you want people to sit up and take notice of a sign, having that sign be professionally printed and in a manner that will make it easier to see and read will work wonders when you want your public to notice.

Improving Your Business’ Safety with Custom Labels

Regardless of the environment, your business is in, there are probably situations where you would rather your employees or even the public exercised a little extra caution. It might be a particular machine that is best kept away from certain types of clothing or hairstyles. It might be a room or a particular area where it is best to pay extra caution because of a steep grade or other condition. Or it might even be an area where a person or animal is known to cause problems. Regardless of the risk, you want people to know that there is a health or life-threatening situation to be avoided. How should you let them know?

It’s often not practical to post a guard or some other person at a location to warn of danger, but a custom label might be just the thing to avoid potential problems.

Custom labels have the advantage of being able to be created in a practically infinite number of ways to get and keep attention. For example, if you have a dangerous situation in a particular room of your office, you could create a custom label to warn others of the hazard they should be aware of. But what would happen if the same room had a tendency to be less than well lit? With a custom label, you could not only make it brighter colors, but you could also make it larger in order to make it stand out better to be seen.

There is probably no one who would deny that everyone deserves to be safe in your office or other areas of your business. This applies to everyone whether they are inside of your organization or a member of the public that does business with you. Everyone deserves to be safe, and a few other methods have proven to make people aware of a hazardous situation better than a custom printed sign or label.

It doesn’t matter what your situation is. Whether you have a business where machinery is operated or even if there are issues with furniture in a hazardous place. Everyone has the right to be safe, and with a custom printed label, you can warn everyone, regardless of the situation, of the hazard to be avoided. Perhaps best of all, you can use custom labels and signs to protect others at a very reasonable fee, often even without set up charges that often make these jobs cost-prohibitive. Your safety and that of your workers and your customers depend on the forethought you give to their safety. Best of all, you can have these customized signs fit your business perfectly with your logos, style, and practically every other consideration. All it takes is a phone call to (business name) to get started. What could be more important than your safety?

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