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How the Aerospace Industry Can Benefit From Nameplates and Labels

aerospace labels | Hallmark Nameplate

In the aerospace industry, there is no margin of error.  The materials contributing to the advancement of aviation and aerospace must be of the highest quality standards, match exact specifications, and offer long-lasting strength. 

Custom aerospace nameplates receive extensive research before development. It’s analyzed, modeled, and tested to ensure that it properly displays all required information.  

Read on about the specifications, customization options, and the variety of materials that are used to develop aerospace labels.

Importance of Aerospace Labels

To abide by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules, aircraft manufacturers must properly secure a fireproof, identification label with information including name, serial number, production certificate, certificate number, and engine information.

Your nameplate gives operators valuable information that includes instructions, product identification, and warnings. It’s crucial that your product prevents any slight risk of danger while your team is miles up in the sky.

To combat abrasion, harsh weather, and chemicals that might be found in its environment, aerospace nameplates are commonly made from Metalphoto®, making sure your team can successfully interact with the machinery and tools.

Aerospace Labels can be in the form of…

  • Warning labels
  • Company Branding
  • Instructions
  • Serial number tags
  • Privacy labels
  • Product identification plates

Why Use MetalPhoto for Your Aerospace Labels

One of the most important features of your custom nameplate will be the level of durability. 

While there are numerous materials that can sufficiently meet the requirements of aerospace applications, one unique material that is commonly used in the industry is Metalphoto®.  

aerospace labels | Hallmark Nameplate

The Power of Aluminum Labels

This specific material is widely used to develop labels that require strict compliance with specifications, such as aircraft labels. 

They are the most durable, versatile, lightweight, and scratch-resistant. The aluminum protects against harsh weather, chemicals, and heavy industrial use.    

Metalphoto® nameplates are made from 1100 alloy anodized aluminum and require a special process that doesn’t involve the traditional printing that is commonly used for plastic nameplates. It is also a completely recyclable product.

Metalphoto® Specifications

Many think of Metalphoto® in relation to traditional black and white photography. The portions of the branding/text on your nameplate that are exposed to light, turn black. The exposed areas remain the color of the aluminum plate.  

The text/image on your nameplate is sealed inside photosensitive, anodized aluminum.  They have the same appearance as the printed ink but ensure that it is protected from UV exposure, high temperatures, corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals.  

The Metalphoto nameplate printing process is as follows:

  1. Graphics are designed
  2. High-contrast film negatives are generated
  3. Anodized Metalphoto plate is exposed to the film negative
  4. Image is developed and fixed, and the plate is rinsed
  5. Metalphoto plate is sealed with a special solution
  6. The nameplate is fabricated and finished

The strength and lightweight essence of Metalphoto® labels make them ideal for the aerospace industry.

aerospace labels | Hallmark Nameplate

Benefits of Nameplates in the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace systems only grow more complex each year. With that, comes an increase in mandated federal and state regulations. Thus, the need for diversified labeling systems continues to rise. 

In order to manage risk and communicate crucial information to the equipment’s user, it’s required to display all data on a nameplate.  

Aerospace labels are used to assist pilots and astronauts in using cabin and cockpit controls and reduce the confusion among passengers in the aircraft.

The environment that your aerospace nameplate will live in will be a large factor in what type of materials, finishes, and adhesives are used to create it. 

It will need to be impact, scratch, and chemical resistant. Exposure to corrosion, UV exposure, abrasion, and extreme temperatures could cause it to degrade.

High Resistance to Extreme Temperatures and UV

If you were to only paint or etch information onto your nameplate, you couldn’t count on the longevity of the product. 

Aerospace labels need to be made to last. This is why they require specialized features and top-notch manufacturing to make sure that any environment they are found in does not make the material deteriorate and result in unidentifiable information. 

Aerospace nameplates are specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures that might come from atmospheric changes, or different UV levels depending on their exposure to sunlight.

Ability to Customize Your Product

Your Aerospace nameplate is 100% customizable. As a customer, you are able to choose the size, thickness, colors, pattern, shape, and finish.  

In addition to Metalphoto®, two finishes are used most by the aviation industry: 

One is chosen by the environment that the nameplate lives in and its usage frequency.

aerospace labels | Hallmark Nameplate 

Pro Tip: Read this guide to determine what type of nameplate best fits your needs.

Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant

Depending on the environment of your aerospace label, it is regularly subjected to abrasion and corrosion through constant contact and harsh environments. 

Over the lifetime of the nameplate, instructions, serial numbers, and warning labels could become unreadable which leads to serious safety concerns. 

Abrasion and corrosion resistance is a necessity to ensure your nameplate will last.

Certified According to Industry Standards

Nameplates are designed according to industry standards. Metalphoto® specifically is certified by top aerospace companies such as Airbus, Lockheed, Boeing, NASA, and US Armed Forces. It is the material of choice for aerospace labels and nameplates for over 6 decades.

Improving Tracking and Recording

Aerospace labels provide detailed records of your equipment for companies and contractors.  Clear labeling ensures that parts are not lost or forgotten; you will trace and follow all of your supplies. 

 Identify Important Information

Your nameplate will convey instructions, warnings, and ID marks that are crucial to the operation of your equipment.

The Hallmark Difference

With thorough research and development, analysis, testing, modeling, and prototyping, Hallmark Nameplate can ensure the best solution for your aerospace label

Our experts have the attention to detail needed to produce the best product abiding by all industry standards and requirements. 

Call our team today to discuss the possibilities of your aerospace label or nameplate.

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