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Hallmark Nameplate: Where Cover ups Are Our Business


If you are like most people, chances are good that you have or have had something to cover up. No. We’re not talking about past-due taxes or criminal misdeeds. We are discussing things that are much more difficult and frustrating, not to mention expensive, to deal with. If you have ever had something printed that had either an error on it or it needed something added to it, you know precisely what we mean.

One of the biggest problems with errors or omissions on paper is that most people believe that dealing with them effectively means over-printing or, in the worst cases, printing a document again, which means considerable time, effort, and expense. What most people don’t consider is something far less time consuming and expensive: labels.

The trouble that most people have with labels is that they consider their use a big step down from traditional printing, a quick cover-up of a mistake or a way to make an addition without spending the money for a reprint. This might have been true of the past, but no longer.

Using today’s technologies as well as materials, labels can not only be used to make corrections to printed materials as well as make additions, but they can add design uniqueness that would have previously been impossible to achieve. For better or for worse, people expect to sometimes encounter errors in copy and they appreciate the effort that is taken to provide them with copy that is accurate, even if this is done with the use of labels.

Even if a document or publication has already been distributed, a label can be a time, energy, and money-saving device to make sure that the correct information is distributed to everyone who receives printed matter. Not only that, but the wide variety of paper and ink types can make whatever changes are made virtually indistinguishable from original printed matter.

Labels are useful for not only corrections and changes, but updates as well. Take your latest printed catalog, for example. Why print an entirely new catalog if the only information that changes is a single list of prices or products? A good graphic artist, along with a little computer wizardry can produce a label with anything from a single price to a complete list of prices and products that could cover an already existing list with a minimum of inconvenience in terms of both time and money. This could easily take the problem out of producing an entirely new catalog in time for a special season when the only matter to be changed is a small amount of copy or a photograph.

In the past few years, vendors have created a mind-boggling number of label products that are not only made of paper or cardstock to save on time but money as well. Just a glance at virtually any catalog shows a wide variety of tags and labels that can be added to products, and with the addition of a printed label, can be used to supplement any need. The shape and size requirement can be almost anything you desire.

And regardless of the requirements, why worry about the type and other technical materials prior to set up? Today’s software puts a virtual print shop in your office to have any printing need custom made to send us over email, only to have the next time you see it in the form of the finished label for your product.

The success of much of this process depends on the use of your printer in the job. by working closely with Hallmark, we can virtually guarantee that whatever your need might be, you will have a completed product that you can use with pride. By working with Hallmark from beginning to end, we can give you our expertise that will eliminate considerable amounts of time, effort and money to give you a result that will exceed your expectations. This will not only help you to accomplish your mission but provide your customer with a quality product that reflects the workmanship and professionalism of your company, two end results that will benefit your company for many years into the future.

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