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We hear from folks all the time who had no idea Mount Dora, FL housed such a dynamic innovator in nameplates, graphic overlays, membrane switches, and electronic assemblies. Hallmark Nameplate is a Central Florida-based company that produces identification nameplates, membrane switches, graphic overlays, control panels, value-added assemblies, box builds, and promotional garments for both large and small scale design, development and manufacturing organizations around the world.

At Hallmark, we differentiate ourselves from competitors through an almost fanatical commitment to quality: it is our goal to not only meet, but to exceed project specifications and to consistently get the job right the first time. While it is fairly common for printers in our industry to tout their quality efforts, Hallmark Nameplate has through vertical integration infused quality into every stage of each process — without increasing costs to the client.

Hallmark Nameplate is also committed to meeting the highest standards of individualized customer services for each one of our clients. Hallmark Nameplate is not a mass-market, self-serve online factory, and has built its reputation by working closely with each client to understand their specific project needs so that it can produce products that exceed requirements that result in project success.

So come by our facility in Mount Dora, FL and get to know one of the area’s best-kept secrets: Hallmark Nameplate!

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