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Food Production and Processing Equipment With Nameplates Can Mitigate Risk in the Food Service Industry

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If you work in the food service industry, then you know all about the importance of safety. Even a seemingly small mistake can lead to life-threatening health risks and other dangerous results. Luckily, simple yet useful food processing equipment labels and nameplates can help you prevent these mistakes and properly manage these risks.

In this article, take a closer look at the benefits nameplates, labels, and overlays can offer the food service industry. First, let’s dive into the key uses of these labels in your field.

Key Uses of Nameplates and Labels in the Food Service Industry

Whether it’s a catering company that needs property tags for equipment used in client facilities or identification and safety labels for a school cafeteria, food service organizations require nameplates and labels to keep track of supplies and equipment and to keep workers well-informed and safe.

food processing equipment

In fact, you can use custom nameplates, overlays, and labels to help you:

  • Manage and track your assets and inventory with nameplates
    You can add barcodes or QR codes to help you access information easily with one quick scan. This can help you trace your assets so there isn’t downtime trying to find them.
  • Reduce risk with safety warning labels and signs
    Whether you are working in a food processing plant, restaurant, or catering business there are a lot of risks involved. Some equipment may be too hot to touch while others may require specific tools to use it. Adding warning labels or signage can help to eliminate these risks and warn the user of potential harm.
  • Help your staff understand how to properly operate your equipment
    Add a nameplate to your equipment with information on usage guidelines, warnings, or restrictions to help your staff. While you may have trained them on how to properly use all of your equipment, it can be easy to forget the specific requirement during the day-to-day operations.
  • Reinforce branding with custom overlays, plates, and labels
    Use custom branded overlays or labels on your products and equipment to help the end-user better identify your business. This can be done by including your business’s name, your branding colors, or your logo.

Now that you understand the general uses of using nameplates, labels, and tags in the food service industry, let’s go into more specifics about the benefits of each one.

Benefits Food Processing Equipment Nameplates

If you work in the food service industry you are probably working with a lot of different highly specialized equipment. If your team does not know how to operate your food processing equipment properly, there can be a lot of safety risks and downtime.

food processing equipment nameplate

In order to keep your company working efficiently, you will want to make use of a food service nameplate.

Here’s how:

  • UID plates can help you with inventory tracking for all of your equipment
  • Create customized scales and dials for the best use of your equipment
  • Schematics for troubleshooting your circuits
  • Warning and instructional plates for equipment and food production safety

As you can see, when you have the right custom equipment and labels for your work, it helps organize your business and improve your productivity.

Benefits of Food Service Labels to Identify Foods

If you work in catering or at a cafeteria, a food service label can help to mark and identify food. This can be helpful for indicating the type of food you are serving.

For instance, nutrition labels can be used to indicate calories or sodium levels in a specific product. Labels are also helpful for indicating dietary facts for those with allergies or special diets. These labels can mention if the food has peanuts, meat, or gluten.

This saves your staff time from having to repeatedly inform guests on what is in the food and can help with safety, keeping people from accidentally eating something they are allergic to or can’t have.

Benefits of Nameplates and Labels in Restaurants

If you own a restaurant, then you understand firsthand that there are a lot of variables that go into the industry. For instance, you have to manage your employees, food, and equipment.

With the proper labels, tags, and plates on your side, you can organize and manage your restaurant’s equipment much easier. And what’s more? You can also mark necessary information on all of your inventory and improve your staff’s efficiency and reduce risk.

This is because your employees can properly use and track your equipment without having to consult with you.

What Kind of Nameplates and Labels Should You Use?

When it comes to the type of food service labels or nameplates you should use in your industry, consider the following:

  • Model and serial plates
  • Aluminum foil labels
  • Inventory and asset tags
  • Branding labels, tags, and overlays
  • Instructional plates
  • Warning and safety labels and plates

Once you implement these tags and plates, you will instantly help your business comply with food standards and regulations, which will mitigate risks for your company.

How to Design a Food Service Labels for Your Business

So, you’re ready to find the perfect custom labels and nameplates for your business. Where do you begin?

The first step you should take to design your nameplate or label is to select the best material for your project. Keep reading to learn more about the types of materials that might be right for you.

Select the Right Materials

First and foremost, selecting the right material for your projects is important to its success. Different materials have different benefits; therefore, each one should be used for distinct purposes.

When it comes to a food service label or nameplate, two of the most commonly used materials include stainless steel and aluminum foil.

  • Stainless steel is perfect for the food industry because it is durable in high temperatures and harsh chemicals. Stainless steel is also more sanitary than other materials because bacteria does not adhere to the metal and it is easier to clean.
  • Aluminum foil is an ideal material for food service labels and tags because it is durable, lightweight, and cost-effective. This material is also non-magnetic making it perfect for electronic devices.

Once you choose the material you want to use, you can begin manufacturing your plate.

Choose the Perfect Printing Process

food service label

Now it’s time to decide which manufacturing process you want to go with. Some of the most common manufacturing processes include:

  • Embossing – this creates raised numbers and letters in metal and is very durable with enhanced legibility.
  • Screen Printing – using colored ink your design is printed on the top layer of your metal surface. This process is recommended for projects that do not have to withstand harsh conditions, like warning signs.
  • Photo Anodization – during this process your design is placed under a layer of aluminum so it can withstand extreme temperatures.

Choosing the right material and manufacturing process can be tricky. Luckily, you can work hand-in-hand with an expert food service label design and manufacturing facility that has years of experience in your industry! Here’s what you need to know.

Reap the Benefits of Labels with Hallmark Nameplate

At Hallmark Nameplate, you can select from a full range of high-quality materials, thicknesses, finishes, adhesives, and special processes to meet the demands of the most challenging applications in your industry.

With extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise, we work with you to create the best industrial equipment nameplates, overlays, and labels for your application. No matter what project you want to work on, we’re here to exceed your expectations!

Contact us to request a free quote and learn more about food processing equipment labels and nameplates.

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