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Why Your Environment Affects Graphic Overlays

environment affects graphic overlays

Selecting a graphic overlay can be a difficult decision to make. After all, you not only have to make choices in terms of the traditional elements of design (size, shape, color, etc.), but there are other issues that practically no one considers. Making matters worse, these unforeseen issues can create a disaster from what was originally a creative as well as a strategic victory. This article will outline the major environmental factors that can affect graphic overlays.

Robust Materials

There can be little doubt that when materials for a project are selected, a multitude of factors are taken into consideration. Not only that, but those who make these decisions are, more often than not, well versed in the requirements of the job they perform. Instead, if there is a weak link in the process it’s the client, whether they be internal or external to the designer, who will often insist on sacrificing the quality needed for a graphic overlay to survive even standard usage, much less that which might be out of the ordinary for environmental factors. Despite other concerns, the sturdiness of the materials used should be a prime consideration for anyone who is involved in the selection for a project. Environmental issues should play as much, if not more of a concern in the project than other elements.

An astute graphic designer can play an important part in the selection of graphic overlays that can endure the test of not only foreseen circumstances such as time and production but others such as the environment, which often play just as much a part in the life of graphic overlays as any other.


What good does it do to create a quality graphic overlay if in a short period of time it goes from being bright and dynamic to being faded and drab? This is most often due to a lack of quality in the paper or other support materials, not to mention the ink used, but it’s also important to remember the part the environment plays. Further, the environment that a graphic overlay must endure is often not limited only to the conditions it is exposed to in the out of doors. In fact, even before the graphic overlay ever sees the light of day it must survive indoors as well, and often for long, and even longer, periods of time. Ordinary shelf and transit time should play an important part in the decision to select one type of graphic overlay or another. Otherwise, a lot of money and time can and will be wasted.

Take Heart

It is at this point that many people might be tempted to throw up their arms and proclaim, “What’s the use?!” The good news is that despite all of these seemly negative factors involved in the creation of graphic overlays, thanks largely to the development of materials and technology, a lot can be done to either minimize or nearly eliminate the impact of the environment on these products.

Costs are obviously one of the most serious factors to consider when you select graphic overlays, but there can be many more. As nearly anyone who has ever played a part in any sort of a campaign can testify, there are timing considerations that literally make or break the effectiveness of the purpose behind a project. Ask anyone who has ever been faced with being asked to accept a graphics job for a political campaign the day after the election.

This is where the work of an independent consultant can pay for itself many times over. When you hire a firm whose members understand the impact that environmental factors can play in different parts of a final project, including graphic overlays, you are literally minimizing the chances that there can be serious losses from these influences. Choosing your consultants wisely can pay hefty dividends in terms of money and time, especially when they are experienced enough to understand all of the possible factors that can be involved in graphic overlays and other parts of a visual campaign.

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