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Electrostatic discharge safe environment

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Hallmark Nameplate is your resource for high quality nameplates, graphic overlays, and membrane switches. Our team of engineers and designers can make any project idea a reality. In addition, we offer electronic assemblies crafted in an ESD-safe environment.

The electrostatic discharge safe environment at Hallmark Nameplate is designed to prevent electrical discharges from the body or from devices, both of which could impact delicate electronic components. Our ESD-Safe production environment ensures that components remain safe through the assembly process and through packing for shipment to you.

Our capabilities include through-hole component placement using state of the art wave solder equipment and through-hole component placement using programmable selective soldering systems. In addition, we conduct ICT (In-Circuit Test) using an SPEA3030 parallel multisite test system.

If you want high-quality electronic assemblies from a facility designed with your product’s longevity in mind, contact us at Hallmark Nameplate for more information on how we can produce electronic assemblies for your next product.

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