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What if I don’t have a graphic designer?

Graphic designer at work

At Hallmark Nameplate, we have a team of designers ready to help take your product manufacturing to the next level. Our graphic design team will create a nameplate, graphic overlay, or membrane switch design that will give your product a finished look that exudes quality and durability.

Our design team doesn’t end with graphics, however. As we build electronic assemblies, we work with manufacturers to design assemblies that accomplish the necessary tasks most efficiently. We can build assemblies according to your specifications or design assemblies based on functionality. Our team is ready and able to assist in all aspects of your electronic assembly design and manufacturing.

Using Hallmark Nameplate for your graphic overlays and electronic assemblies means coming alongside a design team prepared to work according to your specifications or help design specifications as needed. Contact us today to see how our designers can add value to your manufacturing project!

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