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With Customizable Control Panels, You Have Control

customizable control panels

Regardless of what you might manufacture or operate, there is always the temptation to create products or even just elements of products that are just good enough. After all, who hasn’t gotten a good laugh out of the old comment, “It’s good enough for government work.” It’s funny, to be sure, but the truth is that there are many cases when “close enough” plainly isn’t good enough. In fact, in some cases, “good enough” can be dangerous, if not fatal.

A good example of this problem is in the application of electrical controls or others where misuse of controls can cause malfunctions. This is exactly where a clearly marked control panel is critical, or as the old saying goes, “It’s like the difference between the right word and the almost right word is like the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

Customizable control panels can be designed which have special meaning to actual users as opposed to designers or engineers who might not be the actual users of machinery. And in this era of more and more foreign-born workers, it is imperative that despite labeling being accurate, to a person who might more accustomed to another language, or even a different form of the same language, customizable control panels can be critical.

More Than Just Words

Another benefit of customizable control panels is the fact that not only can copy of a control panel be fully customizable, but the images outlining the controls themselves can also be customized. this means that size and shape can be adapted to fit the needs and priorities of individuals and users. Likewise, colors can be customized to reflect those same factors.

Even if these factors are printed on a control panel, that doesn’t mean that they need to be permanent. Instead, with customizable graphic overlays, controls can be highlighted as they reflect the needs of the user. Is a control not needed in a given situation, you can block out the button by marking it invisible or mark it with a warning indicator. Graphic overlays make all of this fully customizable whenever you need it.

Apps, Widgets, and Shortcuts

With graphic overlays, you can be in full control of virtually any control panel, giving you clean, simple interfaces that users can launch almost instantaneously, as soon as they touch a control. Everything they need is at their fingertips, fully recognizable on a clear, easy to understand interface. Turn it off or on, adapt amounts, virtually anything you want can be indicated on the display.

Do you have equipment that isn’t necessarily the latest and greatest? It doesn’t matter. With customizable graphic overlays, you can update virtually anything on your control panels without replacing an entire piece of equipment. In fact, you might not even need to reprogram a system. You just need to change the labeling to the widget you want. And even if there is additional programming or other work needed, you can put off making expensive repairs and replacements by using graphic overlays.

Here to Help

At Hallmark Nameplate, we are fully committed to helping our clients to meet all of their control needs, regardless of where that level or control might be. Further, we consider it our job to create graphic overlays that are fully customized to create solutions to their needs. We work closely with all of our clients, whether they be OEMs or resellers, to both develop and implement custom graphic overlays as well as their incorporating systems that fit their specific process requirements.

We offer our clients all of the creative and technical resources at our disposal, including design, engineering, and fabricating of control panel graphic overlays for all types of products, whether they be for OEMs, mechanical and electrical products, processes, and both small and large and large as well as multiple system production lines. We are a company dedicated to meeting your standards in all of your design processes, your quality components, as well as your fabrication methodologies. We will work with you and your teams to design, create, and implement all of your environmental requirements. Our experience compasses a wide range of design and implement requirements in many different environments.

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