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Creating Overlays for the Toughest Workplaces

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Hallmark Nameplate has been designing industrial nameplates and customized graphic overlays for a wide range of industries for over 60 years. We offer multiple styles of graphic overlays that are used for membrane switches and control panels that must withstand the toughest workplace conditions. From the caustic environments of raw chemicals processing to the high-temperature operations that exist in hot works manufacturing, graphic overlays are the nameplate of choice to withstand high temperatures, moisture, chemicals, and dirt infiltration, performing exceptionally well with limited material degradation and long-lasting label readability.

Graphics Overlays Applications

Graphic overlays serve a dual role in the toughest workplaces. While industrial equipment will benefit from the protection that rugged and sealed overlays offer, other industries that must endure regular hose-down cleanings such as food grade operations, or equipment that requires routine sanitizing as found in medical facilities. Even delicate instrumentation panels as found in research or testing laboratories now incorporate membrane switches with graphic overlay to add value to the equipment’s operation and its aesthetic appeal.

Our 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility features state of the art laser and die cut fabrication equipment for producing graphic overlays from various materials including conductive compounds, rubber, all plastics, foams, EMI/RFI, and sponge substrates up to 0.060″ thick. Overlays for equipment faceplates and control panels are used for the following tough workplace applications:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Industrial Control Panels
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Laboratory and Test Equipment
  • Domestic Appliances
  • Outdoor-LIving Products

Overlays are used extensively due to the wide range of material and color options available, the many visually pleasing styles for each end-user application, and the protective properties that add a significant increase to the life-cycle of industrial assemblies or manufactured products.

The Right Overlay for Tough Environments

At Hallmark Nameplate, we combine current graphics design principles for color, layout, and text style with industry best practices for membrane switch faceplate design to achieve optimum human to machine graphical interaction. Our large collection of dies offer clients a wide variety of size and shape configurations, custom designed to your specifications, and multiple overlay types to meet your application:

  • Transparent Windows – Add a peek-through element with a semi-transparent window that takes the place of a cut-out window to add another dimension of visibility. The transparent window allows the viewing of underlying text screens such as meters, counters, etc.
  • Selective Texturing – For enhanced operator input, selective texturing adds a visual difference to controls, allowing employees to make selections with increased confidence. Selective texturing will use both gloss and matte finishes to distinguish operator input areas.
  • Embossed Areas – Adding a tactile contrast to membrane face plates increases productivity and reduces operator error. The operator can quickly distinguish the control pad when the area is embossed or raised to the next level. For even greater touch recognition, perimeter or dome embossing of individual keys reduces operator selection errors.
  • Harsh Environments – For the toughest of workplace environments, we offer overlays treated for abrasion and chemical resistance to reduce wear of critical control labeling in corrosive environments. At Hallmark Nameplate, our design specialists can make sure your membrane panels with graphic overlay are manufactured to withstand hot, cold, wet, dry, chemicals, and UV exposure.

Our membrane switches are quality manufactured to endure over 1 million actuations. When coupled with a heavy-duty graphic overlay that provides high chemical and temperature resistance, you can expect a long-lasting control panel that is custom designed for your specific equipment, and engineered to withstand the harshest working environments.

When you require a completely sealed operator panel, a graphics overlay faceplate is the answer. Contact Hallmark Nameplate for a fast quote based on your uploaded specifications for accuracy. And if you’re not quite sure where to start, our design team is standing by to assist you in selecting the right material and overlay style for your application.

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