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Controlling Your Pool Through Circuit Boards

controlling pool through circuit boards

There was a time when coming home from work or something else after a long day meant considerable time and effort before you could spend time in your pool or spa.  After all, who wants to spend a difficult day at work only to come home to a dirty, cold pool before they can enjoy it? The good news is that with today’s technology, including printed circuit boards, practically any pool owner doesn’t need to wait before he or she is enjoying their pool or spa almost as soon as they are ready, regardless of the time of day or night.

If you have owned a pool or spa for any length of time, you probably remember when getting into the relaxing waters was preceded by time and effort in cleaning and heating the water for your use.  And what about all that time, effort, and money that was expended on energy spent during the time your pool wasn’t being used? Now, you can save time and money, not to mention increasing your enjoyment of your pool or spa, thanks to the technology of circuit boards and the connectivity of the Internet.

All of this was then, but now you can come home to a pool or spa that is not only warm and clean, but relaxing jets running and lights are on, ready for you to enjoy.  All of this is due to the control you have due to circuit boards that give you prerogatives never before possible to pool owners. Not only that, but pumps and filtration systems can operate at the touch of your command, saving you the hassle and a bundle on your energy bills.  

And who needs to wait until they are at home to give your pool its instructions?  Not you. Wherever you happen to be, whatever the time of the day or night, you can give the command to your pool via your smartphone or other control devices to have your pool in the optimal condition for you to enjoy it.  Literally, at the touch of a button, your pool can be hot or cold, with massage jets operating or off, and just as clean as you can imagine it, with no more effort than your desire.

We have to admit that if more members of your family than you have these controls on their smartphones, we are not responsible for family conflicts, but no one would disagree that it’s nice to have these options.  And it’s easy to have this kind of control too. All it takes is an app and an appropriately synced circuit board on your pool’s controls. Whatever the control is that you want, whether it be simple or highly complex, you can have it.  All it takes is a pushed button.

Just as easy is to include more controls over any other functions that you may choose to include as you add them to your pool or spa.  Just as easily as you can lock or unlock your home, you can have the perfect balance of temperature, lighting, massage functions, and even the cleaning complete when you are ready to enjoy your pool or spa.  Why have your pool or spa in less than your desired condition for your use when all you need is to use circuit technology to make your pool perfect for your use?

All it takes to get started is a short talk with your pool or spa services provider since in most cases all you need to do is coordinate the app from the maker with your Smartphone.  Even most of these are easily downloadable on the website of your pool equipment maker’s website. Just as is the case with other makers, you can push a button and the Internet does the rest of the work for, even though it’s really the miracle of circuit boards that is doing the work.

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