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6 Solid Reasons that You Need Graphic Overlays

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Graphic overlays are a worthy investment for many reasons. In addition to offering a unique aesthetic look and feel to your device, graphic overlays also afford a level of safeguarding from the elements as well as helpful user-friendly components, such as color-coding and embossing for ease-of-access and efficiency purposes.

When you’re considering different options for switches and devices, it’s important to understand the value of graphic overlay and what a graphic overlay can do to transform your product.

Protection From the Elements

From dry, hot, wet or cold conditions to an exposure to chemicals or ultraviolet rays, graphic overlays can provide a protective buffer for the more critical components beneath.

We design and manufacture graphic overlays specifically to be resistant to rough handling and specific environments, allowing for a more durable switches. This aspect of graphic overlays can lengthen the life of products exponentially.

More Than Just Colorful

Color-coding is not a new concept in the manufacturing world. We use it because it works. The trans-color option of graphic overlays can aid users in unexpected and potentially life-saving ways.

For quick response time during a fast-paced shift, graphic overlays can provide a level of efficiency. Bright colors naturally draw our eyes to the exact button, lever or switch we need at any given time.

When an assembly line manager needs to stop the line quickly for safety or quality reasons, he/she can stop output immediately. Time is of the essence for the safety of both the factory employees and the consumers, not to mention raw material costs.

This manager can use the color-coding aspect to his/her advantage by allowing the eyes to quickly gravitate to the red STOP button, rather than depending on the slightly slower mode of reading the word on the button.

Color registers in the brain more quickly than words. In some cases, micro-seconds can mean the difference between life and death.  In these instances, less durable, less functional, less clearly-defined colorful options just will not do.

The added visual appeal of the item is really just a bonus.

Built to the Touch

The texturing and embossing options of graphic overlays allow for a pleasing tactile encounter, as well as an element of comfort to the user. But it’s so much more.

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