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In our industry, standing out among the crowd is a necessity. Hallmark Nameplate stands out because of the wide variety of skills that our engineering team possess. Because of the great staff that dedicates their time to Hallmark Nameplate, we are able to provide an extremely diverse selection of products. Box builds, conformal coating, and inspection are three elements of our company that set us apart.

Box Builds

Hallmark Nameplate is not your average electronic manufacturing company. Thinking outside the box, inside the box, and building the actual box is just part of what we do. After building circuit boards, we are able to provide customers with a complete working assembly “box build” to encase electronic devices. The advantage of this is that our customers only have to work with one supplier for their entire electronic manufacturing needs.

A box build is the case that surrounds the circuit board and protects the technology. It is not common that both the circuit board and the box build are able to be manufactured in the same facility and at Hallmark Nameplate we are extremely proud that we are able to provide our customers with that convenience.

We have qualified suppliers that supply us with sheet metal fabricated parts, injection molded parts, cable assemblies, pcb’s and other parts that are required to produce a complete box build assembly. Our precise box build manufacturing is one of the primary reasons that our customers choose our products over our competitors.



Every single piece of equipment that is made in our facility is inspected 100 percent. We work hard to guarantee that all of our products pass inspection for quality and testing. Hallmark Nameplate offers Auto Optical Inspection as well as X-Ray testing with state-of-the-art Yestech equipment to inspect each and every circuit board and ball-grid array, offering capabilities in placing and inspecting micro-BGA’s.

Customer satisfaction is the overall goal at Hallmark Nameplate and we strive to achieve that through excellent products that are not easily accessed through other companies. Making the products that we do and making them well is what sets us apart and continues to bring in loyal customers who appreciate Hallmark Nameplate.

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