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The Basic of a Good Nameplate

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A good nameplate needs to be able to withstand the weather and send the right message. A great nameplate needs to do all of that while also looking fantastic. At Hallmark Nameplate we go the extra mile to make sure that not only do our customers end up with a nameplate that gets the job done efficiently, they end up with a nameplate that exceeds their visual expectations. Contact us to get more details on the process of making your own customized nameplate. Whether it needs to send a simple and straightforward message, or is more of an aesthetic piece, we can help. Find out below what we think goes into the details of making a great nameplate and give us a call to discuss your own idea.

The Surface

One of the first things that we do when creating a nameplate is consider the surface that it will be mounted on. Since nameplates do not require embossing or extensive engineering, there is a wide variety of surfaces available for nameplates. When designing your nameplate, the team at Hallmark will work with you on deciding which surface, or substrate as we call it, is best for what you are looking for. We have 5 substrates available for nameplates that can be used in unique ways.

-Polycarbonate (lexan)
This is a great choice for outdoors because it can whether the elements and also withstand high heat. It is available in a gloss, velvet, or matte finish, so the look is extremely versatile.

-Polyester (Mylar)
If you need a nameplate that can really withstand harsh treatment, this is the best choice. It is available in a gloss or matte finish that will last despite any harsh chemicals or powerful UV rays.

Vinyl is great because it has the ability to be made flexible. It can also be made with a gloss or matte finish and has a wide range of thickness. It can be available for outdoors with a UV protective coating that is available at Hallmark.

For more creative and unique paper labels, come to Hallmark. We can make a large amount of paper labels and can also vary the size.

These are available with a matte or mill finish and a wide range of thickness. Nameplates made out of aluminum are extremely durable and considered to be the most rugged of materials.

Color and Design

At Hallmark Nameplate we are extremely proud of our designers and color experts who work on our nameplates. A lot of time and effort goes into designing a both functional and beautiful nameplate.

We base a great deal of our design on the color theory. A full-time colorist is on staff with knowledge of color design, matching, and quality control. The psychology of color and how the brain works with color and design is implemented when our nameplates are designed and helps to guarantee that the end result will be pleasing to the human eye.

Screen printing is available at Hallmark Nameplate, so if you are looking for a nameplate with a specific logo or graphic design, we are able to insert that with extreme precision. We are also fully equipped for digital printing which means our nameplates can have exact visuals laid out onto our nameplates with brilliant clarity.

Unique Touches

Nameplates can be very functional pieces. Some come with serial numbers or barcodes and some of them send a very strong message of warning or danger. There is a time and place for creative touches and we know that not all of our customers are looking for simple and straightforward nameplates. At Hallmark Nameplate the customer is able to sit down with designers who will help them through the process of coming up with a creative and unique nameplate that exceeds their expectations. If you are in need of a nameplate that is different or customized, do not hesitate to contact us. We will work with you to make your nameplate dream a reality.

At Hallmark Nameplate, nameplates are our specialty and we deliver quality nameplates that tailor to exactly what the customer is need of. That’s what separates our great nameplates from the good nameplates.


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